Ather 450X in Indore - Tanishq's experience

Oof! What a day! After an exact wait of 1 year and 5 months, I finally got my Ather 450X. I rode it for 40 Kms today! That’s the most I have ridden scooter in a day and the whole experience was soo soo goooodd. I absolutely love the vehicle. The whole team made me feel like a star today. I was the first to get the keys and second one for the final handover. The key was given by the EC owner’s family member and @ravneet.phokela . While I was hanging around, The EC owner and many people from the team came and spoke to me. They told that they understood how the wait would have been and today is finally the day. Yesterday @abhishek.balaji messaged me and told to meet Mr. Varun and how he would make me meet everyone. I could not find him because there were a lot of people but he himself came to meet me. We spoke for some time and he told me how the marketing team and Abhishek has pinged him to get my delivery done. Thank you so much for that, Abhishek. After I took the delivery, hundreds of curious onlookers and around 20 people questioning about it including Zomato delivery guy,Auto driver and even a traffic cop( I thought he is coming for some challan :rofl:). I let some (limited-time)of my family and friends experience it and everyone loved it. Missed meeting @tarun @swapniljain @abhishek.balaji and others but hopefully soon. Rest of the feedback coming “soon”. Didn’t get hands on the proper photos clicked at the EC but attaching few of mine which I managed to click at the EC and around the city.


Congratulations!! Welcome to the gang :blush::blush::heart:

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What a wait its been! Welcome aboard. :grin:


Thank you so much @rajkumar.mishra2010 and @Cloudgraphy !! Super pumped to move from “pre-ordered 450X” to “Ather Owner”.

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Welcome aboard @tanishqkhare its been a long wait and I am eagerly waiting when would you get the vehicle, as many who booked after you in new cities got the vehicle. Happy to see you around your own Ather now. :tada::tada:

Haha thank you!!! Warping around the city now.:zap::sunglasses:

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