Ather 450S Price Cut by 20K

Welcome to the unfair gang.


I haven’t seen a single 450S on road even though deliveries have started couple months ago and on youtube or forums only handful have 450S so there wont be alot of people who are salty

still Ather should offer something who got deliveries in december.


Then am gonna just put it out there ** why shouldn’t early bird price tag get upcoming features!!! At least for 2 years that’s barely minimum don’t u think? Would love to see what u think so please

And the worst part u won’t even see it coming !!!

All I’ve learned from this is not to buy an EV at launch. These guys wait less than 6 month to drop the price. I bought the 450S in September helped log tickets for so many issues and saw them through to resolution.

Not 1 new feature not 1 offer for early bird adopters. No rewards. Jeez man. @tarunsmehta i know you can’t win em all but maybe give us like an accessory or a sticker or something man.


In New delhi it cost 97,000 Now …

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True hence it should be easy to make some arrangements for them

Many here have learnt not to buy Ather EV after 6 Months because they will just Launch a Facelift version with crutial features. This makes you more sad.

This is something Ather can still do as a Goodwill.

And, I remember reading the news that Maruti refunded when they did price cut for some car model.


Tarun just hinted that there is price drop happening for 450s let’s guess what the new price will be.

Closing this topic as the new price is already up on Ather website.

Price is already updated on site. 1.26L on road price for Bangalore, that’s inclusive of Pro Pack. There is a topic for details as well here Ather 450S Price Cut by 20K

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Bro How come one even think like this, Its only on Ather

Most Automobile Industry and Mobile Industry will be like this

As soon as Buy Something, Better Option with Best Price will Come. Company what will do?

Exactly, One of Cousin asked me to be buy an EV

I said, Wait till Pongal - Some Offers will come we buy

Without letting me know, He bought Bgauss Last week at 1.20 Lakh and Now 450s is 1.30 Lakh here :joy::rofl:

Yesterday Night I called and Heard Him Crying :unamused::neutral_face:

I also Experienced the Fake Promise by Retail Partner during my Purchase on August 2021, It became Business These Day

They put up this posters to sell more in December. Now price cut. Lower your expectations guys they will do nothing cry all you want. Ola increases and decreases prices even more frequently like free extended warranty or 50% off or cashback amounts etc. ola cheapest available now is s1x+ they reduced 20k on ex showroom i think Ather did the same. If anyone prefers aluminium frame dual discs and Ather style they prefer 450s. It they want to save more and ok with hub motor, ola style will go for s1x+


Lol this is just how Ather works. We all have been there. 3.1 users were promised cruise control and what not.