Ather 450S Price Cut by 20K

A surprise price-cut by 20K. I believe this is to compete with base models of Chetak and iQUBE and Ola.


Oh wow nice deal u got there one question u get the slow charger (slow charging)or ? The normal one (5hr to full charge)

the new model of charger maybe?

the spec sheet is not updated so I’m guessing it will be a slow charger only.

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That’s for x not s

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it shows on the S page, can’t be a coincidence, maybe they want all variants now to have a standard charger so that they can sell the 2500 rupees worth stand for it.


I too think so. They might have realised that, having multiple variants of chargers won’t help them in long term.

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I need that mount :sob: sobad

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*mount not compatible with previous models due to homologation :sob::sob::sob:


Most paid accessories are exempted :smiley:

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It’s not fair for those who bought in Dec, this is not done.


Other than feeling bad, nothing can be done TBH.

After I bought Gen 1, price reduced by 10K within 2 months. After we bought Chetak for my wife, price reduced by 16K within a month.

We pay 3X the price to watch a movie during Release, and don’t feel bad right (that we cud have watched free on OTT later). So, think that as an early bird price and move on. :slight_smile:


I can understand but this is a literary throwing loyal customers under the bus. I cancelled my plan to purchase ola to buy 450s.

Feeling very angry :imp:. Hope some accessories will be offered.

@abhishek.balaji may take this to decision makers.


First time here? But seriously, Ather will do nothing about this nor should they. It’s just bad timing that you got the short end of the stick.


Dude this is how market work. With that logic EVs will never get cheaper as there’s always going to be some customers who bought it just before the price cut. And remember some other people will benifit with this.

It’s just luck :slight_smile:

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The price drop might a indication with upcoming launch of the Family Scooter. Since drop in the price of 450s will directly reflect with upcoming model. And I have a feeling it won’t be in good terms.


I personally feel that this is done so that Family scooter will be launched at 1,30,000 both have the same display unit.

Ok 20k is not a small amount and I need to swallow this bitter pill, but this won’t work in a long run. Remember mouth publicity and social media PR can be double edged sword. Those who vouch for Ather and if get cheated need very little time to swat away potential new buyers.


Just Our Portable Charger with Wall Mount Feature as well as a Handle One it

I have seen it but They asked to not to take Picture​:zipper_mouth_face::face_with_peeking_eye:

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Why did Ather cut down the price. I brought Ather 450s last month, now i want back my 20k or else i need pro upgrade for free. This is not good.this is sad that our money so precious to us. While purchasing shwroom salesman said that the price will increase if you want now you should book or else the price will increase. this is soo bad :pleading_face: i wasted my money

Please give this offer to the people who already brought the Ather 450s a month before please please

Please give some solution to us. @tarunsmehta

Yes, same thing was said to me that this is the best price and no further discount will be given infact price may increase.