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Akshay Mukesh Senior Product Manager, Public Charging Infrastructure (@akshay.mukesh)


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Question: In the latest update change log it is mentioned that number of users waiting at a particular grid will be shown? I would like to know how do you exactly determine how many users are waiting at the Grid?


Question: Is there any plan to end the free Ather Grid charging? Any more details on this?


Question: There are lot of scenarios where the Ather Grids are not managed properly. What steps are you taking to address those? How do we seamlessly report a Grid issue and the issue getting resolved as seamlessly as possible?


Question: Is it possible to make converter so that Ather can be charged at OLA or any other charging points?


hey, break the silence about the collab with Vida! will they use our grid and vice versa? when is it coming? would the charging speed be any different?


Question: I fully support the grid charging being paid. But why is it so expensive? Even capping it at slightly higher than the expenses incurred would accomplish all the things the paid model set out to accomplish and maintain the EV cost benefit for us consumers. Is this open to change?


Considering that EVs only rely on fast chargers for long-distance/outstation travel I have seen charger issues at multiple locations discouraging me of any outstation travel what steps is Ather taking to improve grid reliability


Q: In one of the recent announcements it was mentioned that charging at grids will no longer be free and users will be charged based on the number of minutes spent charging at the grid. What is the rationale behind not using the power consumed instead? Asking this question since charging time depends on a number of external factors and it won’t be consistent unlike power consumption.


After new version updates in vehicle and App noticed “GUIDE TO HOME” is getting disabled each time after charging at Grids.

What about Remote Access for user to unlock while charging at Grids.


Question: Many grid points are not precisely marked in the maps. Any possibility where us users can suggest to move the pin to the right place? Or any possibility to use What3Words for convenience?


How many companies are planning to use the Ather charging standard ?

From YouTube videos it looks like river indie , matter energy and hero vida will be using the same as Ather.


Q: Why not provide 2 charging guns at the same grid since most of the grids have long queues and waiting times are increasing by the day


I have experienced varying grid charging rates (anywhere from 1km/min to slower than the home charger) depending upon external environmental factors.

So my question is what are you guys doing to fix this issue?


With the limited range it’s difficult do long travels specially outside urban areas. I m from goa we have grids mostly in north and south but there are no enough grids in east n west and all the rural areas. Also entire konkan region or u can say sindhudurg district which falls under Maharashtra there are no grids at all. What is the plan to cover this area?

My suggestion would be doing partnerships with the petrol pumps and also identifying famous places like waterfall’s, temples etc specially in rural n isolated places where people visit but due to less range trip with Ather is not possible. Such places nearby shops or restaurants at temples grids can be installed.


Question: I had 100 kilometres ride every day the end of the ride I had left 10% Of battery this happens daily so if I use fast charger to make that 10% left to 20% or above or I make the ride without fast charging which is batter for my battery health ? Please consider that if not fast charged my vehicle always go below 10% this happens “daily”.


One of the main challenges I encounter while using public charging stations is the inability to set a charging limit. Typically, when I need a quick top-up, I rely on the grid. During these instances, I only require a 15-20% charge while I’m shopping or dining nearby. However, not being able to set the charging limit means I must remain close to the scooter for those 15 minutes, solely to disconnect and free up the charger for the next person. If there were an option to set a limit through the app or dashboard, it would greatly enhance convenience and enable the charger to become available for the next user much more quickly.

Is there any plans for setting a variable charge limit while charging in the grid?


Question:My primary question is about the battery life of the Ather 450x at around 10k KMS, so what would be the ideal or average battery health of a scooter that crossed 10k recently?


Any possibility for battery widgets in Android/iOS app. Basically i would love to see the battery% right in my home screen without having to open Ather app. Just like airpods charging status widget.

Charging status can be seen right in the home screen when I’m charging the scooter in grid or home charger.