AHO based on Motor

Can the headlight be linked to motor. Like whenever motor is on then headlight lights up… similar to what we have in Activa.

The 450 does not have a DRL and the pilot lamps do not qualify to be a DRL. So the headlight must stay on whenever the ignition key is turned on.


Not sure if there needs to be hardware change, but at least Ather can consider reduced brightness mode(25 %) when the motor is not on?


I would suggest the team to come up with disable head lamp during day time and go with a mild version of led to burn during day time as to keep up with the Indian govt regulations. Or to give us a switch to control it. Also the lamp while using during night time is very similar. They should come up with different schemes for lighting… This is a important factor for night driving.


… and thus save charge, even as little as possible. Yes!

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It’s a negligible amount of charge consumed, so you won’t gain any range by turning off the headlights.


This has been brought up before, the 2 LEDS near the front indicators don’t Qualify as DRLs apprently. And if you’re suggesting to decrease the the intensity of the light

It’s going to save you next to nothing, But why exactly do you want to change the intensity?

The Driving time counted for a Trip must be based on Motor On/Off. This time is used to calculate average speed in Trip sheets. There should be an option of Pause the time if motor kill switch is used in between a trip and Continue time if Motor On by start switch. There is no use of displaying Avg.speed in Tripmeters with wrong time count.

If you were stuck in traffic for 10-20 mins like a lot of people in Bangalore do, then the average speed by your logic would be overestimated. Key on the key off plus few minutes seems rather ideal.

Average speed considers the time only when your speed > 0. The time taken for a trip that you see on the ride stats, starts from the time you turn on your key till 7 mins after you turn the key off. The 7 mins is to account for your ride stats getting synced to the cloud, and in cases where you need to make a quick stop etc.

Unfortunately, our average speed is actually bad, no excuses for traffic :stuck_out_tongue:

The time does not starts immediately when Key is On, counts begins only when Start switch is pressed for Motor On…can check it. But it does not pause/stops when Motor is Off by Kill switch.

If the average speed is calculated by time when speed>0 as you said, then when we ride to a place and wait in signals for few mins…observing the average speed in tripmeter, it gets reduced every min counting the idle time (speed=0) also as I checked.

The tripmeter time count ends only when we keep the Key Off for 7mins as you said. If the stats gets sync with cloud during this 7mins, then why we are unable to get our recent Ride stats in App immediately after that 7mins when Key Off.? It looks actually a trip break time only. Ride data gets sync only after few hours/next ride.

Pls check this clearly once again with Technical team regarding Time counts and get us a clear picture of it soon.