Acrylic case for the Ather Dot

Mostly to put in safely so no one messes with it in parking, or stop worrying that it might get stolen, one of the owners in the forum has got his Dot stolen, also from power theft.

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That’s quite interesting. I was told that the charger was IP 67 certified or something. plus mine is inside my own property, so should be fine without a case. Although, might give designing a case a try as it seems fun.

Is the dot charger covered under insurance? also, power theft! Never thought that might be a problem. Thank you for you input, I always learn so much from these forums.

Nope, it is not covered under insurance.

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That pretty much solves the purpose. Cool

Please note the following -

For the Dot :


For the scooter :

Huge difference between Water resistant and Water proof. Learnt it the hard way.

Although there can be no theft of electricity from the Dot since its ONLY authenticated to your scooter, But if the socket where the dot is plugged in, is open, of course someone can yank out the plug and start using the plugpoint.

Since your Dot is inside your property, you can leave it as is. No harm !


@Cloudgraphy simply awesome… neat work with the case… :ok_hand:


Nice DIY. I must try something like this.

Alternatively there are these two:

Option 1

Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos

Option 2

Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos


Quick glimpse of the scenario around my home and why I found it important to take a call on this. A regular mid-rise apartment with few flats in it and no security guards appointed. The building located in a commercial area that becomes deserted after 9pm, and adjoining areas happen to be all slum. Rising theft cases of EV mopeds and their batteries was a primary concern.

Soon I started thinking of a closure for my Dot Charger which only I had an access to, something that wouldn’t rust and would stop people and children from fidgeting with the Charger.

Fast forward - A day prior to the delivery. I went to the market and after a proper discussion, I placed an order to make a galvanized box with a hollow back to avoid compromising the fitment of the Dot Charger on the wall.

3 days post delivery, I collected the galvanized box and the guys from Ather arrived to fit the dot charger. I showed them the basic idea of how I wanted it to be and they were all good to go. I’m glad how post delivery I was told that the box fitting won’t be done by Ather’s team, but on the day of fitting, they voluntarily asked to fit the box. Kudos to Ather Nashik- Patwa Auto Drive Team.

Happy with the box size, I can also store the body cover I’ve got for my 450X.

Box dimensions - 2ft x 2ft x 8in Hollow cut-out dimensions - 1.5ft x 1.5ft


Wow, this is super amazing, I was exactly thinking the same think but in wood. I’m planning to get the box installed after the charger is fixed, I would like some space and additional socket too, for my pressure washer. Super neat finish

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This is as good as a bank vault :sunglasses: superb! How much was the costing though?