Accident and insurance claims

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We can discuss regarding the accident and insurance claims here as we can have an understanding

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Any one had a accident so far ?? I suggest every future owner to opt for zero depreciation package only as i see they cover only 50% for all the plastic parts from the day 1
As ather parts are pretty expensive below is my estimate


Are these rates for Ather 450? Where did you get this info from?

hello prasathvishnu

Ather Team quoted me… I request everyone to please update there estimate here so it becomes easy for us to understand the spare price list which every one can refer

But Throttle price was hilarious :smile: 1900rs


Could you please upload an image with better resolution?

Yes will do that bro


Thanks u so much for this valuable info as my bike bet with a minor accident, my front side left floating faring(on the Ather 450 logo faring) have multiple deep scratches and yesterday due to sudden braking, this led to front wheel locking…
As I am looking forward to replace the front faring


Ride safe and stay safe!. The rear wheel locks too often. Last week alone I had 3 incidents of wheel locking up while braking hard. Luckily I was able to manage the rear drift else would have definitely fallen on the road. Hopefully the next iteration comes with ABS


Thanks a ton and you too ride safe, I’m used to more of ABS braking vehicles, usually I tend to control but the place where I had been to had sand and dry cement on the road…if rear wheel locks for a extent we can control the vehicle but here the front wheel got locked…I crashed in the speed of just 30kmph.

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Same here bro when the vehicle slipped the top speed recorded in the vehicle was 40 I am sure I was in 30

I have driven 4.5k till now and my best suggestion would be not use your front brake at all at times I feel is the dual disc brake too much to handle for those small tyres !!

I have understood it now the vehicle can easily slip if you’re in 30’s we should start to handle braking in a matured way

Hopefully no much accidents should occur for the rains ahead !!


So much true bro!! I travel from Banashankari to ITPL everyday and so much nuisance happens on the road !! I at times feel should I remove the front disc brake like old auto’s

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Does anyone know if insurance will cover damage to battery. If so what will be the percentage of coverage. Is it 100% or less?

Yes it does cover 100%.


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What an unfortunate day. After taking delivery of my 450x S1 a week ago, I met with the most stupidest accident. Wish we could rewind time. The scooter was in warp mode, and I was distracted to notice. My sudden input to throttle made me lose grip on lose sand, leaving insufficient time to make corrections. Luckily I didn’t suffer much apart from few scratches, but

That’s the damage - P.s it did have PPF but obviously not sufficient for deep scratches cause by gravel on road

I have contacted the Ather team for an estimate. I literally can’t ride this. It looks bad. Any suggestions whether I should claim insurance or pay it from my pocket to avoid a dent to my NCB.

It hurts to see any vehicle in this state. I was actually thinking of asking about your PPF. The unaffected area looks so glossy and beautiful. But these are too deep for any PPF. Looks like it has travelled a fair distance after falling down. Those are very deep scars!! Anyways, it’s called an accident for a reason…

Within the first 20 days of my 450 ownership, I had put down my scooter (again a stupid mistake…held the parked scooter by it’s throttle and twisted it without knowing that the motor was on). There was still no PPF and all the damaged parts that I see in your picture were damaged. The bill was around 6k. In your case due to increased prices, estimate may be upto 8k. Due to the fact that it’s a new vehicle the NCB will not be high for second year insurance premium (it’s only 20%). So I’d suggest you get this done through Insurance.

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That hurts. Within 20 days is also mind numbing.

I got the PPF done from krithi car care, and I’m yet to post that on the forum! Unfortunately this happened before and plus my exams are going on too!

Well it was just 3 feet that the scooter travelled sideways, but there were big pieces of stones…hence it looks like it travelled some distance. I’ll wait for an estimate from ather, about its costing and post the figure here!

If the NCB is not an issue, I’ll claim insurance! :sob:. Will keep you updated! Waiting to get better soon and ride down to ather proto lab in BTM layout. Thank you ! @hemanth.anand


Man! this sucks! I have rarely used Warp for this reason. I used it once to overtake a Truck that was adamant to give me a space or slowdown so that I can pass through narrow street with on coming traffic and I had to show him what I got! but then I had switched to ride mode immediately!

I was especially warned about Warp mode by the repair specialist at the time of delivery who wake my vehicle up when it went to sleep with PC stuck in it during demo!

Well , I’ve been “Warping” a bit too much lately. But luckily this happened at dead speed and I’m safe. Need to keep in mind about traction and road conditions the next time I’m in warp mode ! :pleading_face:

Waiting for a reply from Ather about an approximate figure!

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