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I would like to request the feature of staying signed in your account on the website. Logging in again and again is little bit of a problem. Thank you



Cruise control: Addition of cruise control into the scooter would be great. If possible can you add it through future ota updates. It would be good if we could enable cruise control by double tapping the start button and use the mode switch to increase or decrease speeds in cruise control mode. Hazard lights: The indicators are so beautiful in the scooters. If u could bring in hazard lights into the system by future ota updates it would be really cool. It would nice if we could switch on the hazards using the dashboard and switch it of by either using the indicator or the dashboard.


Hello Team Ather

I wanted to raise a topic for allowing customers to access their friends and families scooters for charging on their Home charger as I have personally tried mapping my bike to my friends’ charger, which did not happen even after trying more than 4-5 times.

Becoz of this, I had to push my bike to the nearest grid charger which was in GT Mall. Please allow customers to access the mapping on the app itself. Also I have emailed a detailed mail to customer care for the same.


Regarding Park Assist: It would be good if we forward trottle for more than 5 to 10 sec continuously it changes to actual riding mode instead of we swip back the park assist to go back normal, Appreciate if this was implemented, it’s safe as well as useful, ( or long press right start button to get back normal)

Please check to improve performance of Warp mode it’s still not peppy.

Bluetooth is not automatically getting connected it would be great if it pairs with phone without us engaging.

Parking hazard indicator would be great if introduced.

Bluetooth menu could be brought to top because it’s frequently used, (Bluetooth, General, Settings, Error, so on)


Are we supposed to add feature request as a reply to this thread or should it be a new topic for each feature request?

The forum is so confusing. But I’ll go again.

I had requested for a feature which provides feed back on excessive horn and high beam usage. Twitter thread embedded below.

Could you add this to the feature requests thread on the forum? Our Dev team will take a look at it and see if it’s doable.

— Ather Energy (@atherenergy) August 8, 2021


Can we see these features added to our dashboard

Real-time weather widget , Motor temperature , Date widget ( time already available)

Regards, Sidharth H


Just out of curiosity, what is the use case for having date shown on the dashboard? I’m just thinking it’ll clutter the display area without much utilisation, right?