A new mudflap for all Athers!

Edit: The initial price of ₹248 was for a limited period. Owners who are still interested in the new mudflap can upgrade at a new price of ₹409.

Hey folks!

We took all your feedback on our Mudflap and have made a few changes. This will prevent mud splatters on the pillion seat and rider.

The new mudflap will come with every Ather 450S and 450X and is also backward compatible. Anyone owning a 450 and after can get this fixed!

The cost for existing owners is ₹248 + fitment charges.

Here’s what our old and new mudflaps look like:


When can we buy this


They swallowed the number plate bracket, Can’t even get the 3D model right.


Am assuming all this new so called features should have been a silentrollout are not compatible with gen 2 owners


Availability? When and where can we get it? When is more important


If its hugger that will be more useful


This new mug flap will protect from mud which we get from bike tyre from back side, but what about the pillow riders legs cover? Due to mud they also get dirty. I think Ather had planned it in next roll-out, so we customer has to pay twice for it + fitment charges.

Bad strategy from Ather.


This is not sufficient


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The recent video says there are multiple prototypes were tested and gave it to mass production.

Ather to publish a video with the real mudflap and explain how it works.

A CG one is not enough.

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New rear mudflap is longer than the original and requires quite a work on the scooter. The rear number plate, number plate light all has to come off before replacing the fender.

Here is the new fender in design and comparison of old .

It’s quite big


Where did you got this and how much did cost .

Did you install it on your own? How well did that go?


Took 20mins, tools are a must, plus nuts and bolts for transferring everything to new flap. Might need new plate if old plate is riveted.

Get it at any Ather service centre, if you are handy with tools, else you can get it there Done cost is 250, if fixed then plus labour


Thank you, understood

What wrong my deleted massage can u explain

Hi, am from Mumbai and booked/ fully paid for Ather 450X on 28-Aug-23. As per the status, the scooter is currently in Bangalore. Assuming it is still in Company warehouse, I have checked with customer support if the scooter will come with the new model mudflap. Customer service asked to check with my local Ather space from where I have made the purchase. Upon checking with the Ather Space (Ulhasnagar) they denied providing the new mudflap. I feel this is unjust to turn down my request as your official statement says that all the Ather 450S and 450X will now come with the new model mudflap. Need urgent attention and help.

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Listen mate only the new 450 Switchgear model will have new mudflap by default. Old generation has to purchase it got 288+ tax labour. Now tell me which 450 x did you book? Switchgear or without

@smridhi.kalati @tarun

Thanks for indias best scooter in ev industry launched by Ather since 2018. I really like the product and enjoy wheeeeeee sound. I think Ather need to campaign the mud flap who is in under warrenty because this is a product issue.


I saw the new scooters in EC 2 days ago. They came with new mud flaps. Yours should too.

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