A new mudflap for all Athers!

That’s the reason I asked for a video


Blame Mud for flying through and coming to seat. Not Ather please :pray:t2:

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It was announced that for existing customers it cna be purchased at Rs 248 + fitting charges. But when enquired about it in service centre at Hyderabad, they were saying that they didn’t received any notice from Ather saying Rs 248 + fitting charge. Instead they are saying we will charge it as per spare MRP which is around 400 + labour charges.

This is what I call entertainment bruh mast ha every month kuch na kuch hota rahega

@tarun only knows how to make money…

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oh, yes he is, he is a businessman, pretty sure the term earning money is somewhere in the description. BTW what’s your issue, maybe the forum member can help you out.


Hello All, I upgraded to this new mudflap, but service guys did not changed the number plate. They mentioned it is an outside job.

I just got told exactly the same thing. Let us know how you went about it.

Service guys did not helped, I went to a fabrication shop, got the fixed bolts drilled out to extract the metal plate that holds the number plate for 30rs, then purchased bolts worth 20rs. And did it by myself at home

I am not sure if going throught this “Upgrade” process is worth the hassle cause I tested the NEW mudgaurds and the mud splash is still there. It not just from the rear but you can see some splashes of mud on your pants and shoes as well on the rear side.

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Last month when I asked JP nagar service centre, they told no stock. Today when I asked Whitefield service centre they told it’s 410 and not 248. I even showed them the forum post. But they kept repeating that the price is 410 only. Based on previous experience I know it’s waste of time trying to convince and agreed to pay 410.

It’s sad that even after 5 months of announcement the updates are not reaching the service centers.


Hey Vishnu,

The price of the new mudflap is ₹409. During its launch, it was priced at ₹248 for a limited period.


Thanks for the update. I didn’t know about this Price revision. But Price change within 3 months :slight_smile:

There was no stock anytime I asked during my last 3 service center visits. I believe it would have been same for many others.


Yeah. It was only introductory price. I changed mine as soon as I heard they got stock.


I got it changed today finally.

Would’ve been really nice if it was announced that it was “for a limited period”. But tbh it was announced during Hoezaay’s video which was more promo than info ¯⁠\_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

I thought it was one of those parts whose cost could be justified but damn 65% price increase is a lot.

P.S. doesn’t it increase length of the scooter, affecting homologation?


any kind of user modification will not affect the original manufacturer’s Certificate. since this is a aftermarket kind of modification.

One question: Are you getting vibration sound with the new mudflap? Throughout my ride back home I m hearing the sound of flap and number plate clashing during pothole and speed humps.

Btw did you install by yourself?

yes, i did it myself for a 10 mins job the asc needed 1 day. plus labour,

if you are hearing a rumbling noise, I would suggest ditching the rivets and get some M6x16 hex SS bolts and nuts. zero noise.

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Then sell us the parts which will enable advance regen This will hurt me forever tho

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