75,000 KMs and Counting with Ather 450x Gen 2 - Space Grey

User Experience Statement:

In my extensive 2 years and 3 months of using the Ather 450x Gen 2, covering an impressive 75,000 kilometers, the electric bike has become an integral part of my daily life. From cost savings to ride comfort, the bike has excelled in various aspects.

However, it’s essential to delve into a detailed analysis of the pros and cons to provide a comprehensive overview.

Over the span of 75,000 kilometers, the cost savings compared to my previous primary vehicle, TVS NtorQ, would be calculated at 3.5 Rs per kilometer. This includes 2.75 Rs for petrol and 0.75 paise for running repair, service, and service labor.

75,000 KMs x 3.5 RS Saved Per KM = 262,500 Rs.


  1. Cost Savings and Efficiency:

    • The Ather 450x Gen 2 has demonstrated remarkable cost efficiency, translating into tangible savings over the extended period of ownership.
  2. Riding Pleasure and Ease:

    • The bike offers an unparalleled riding experience, combining pleasure and ease, making every journey a delight.
  3. Drive Mechanism Performance:

    • The powerful drive mechanism has consistently delivered a robust performance, ensuring a dynamic and enjoyable ride.
  4. Ather Grid Charging Network:

    • The integration of Ather Grid charging stations has added a layer of convenience, making charging hassle-free and accessible.
  5. Mileage and Reliability:

    • Clocking 75,000 kilometers attests to the bike’s reliability and commendable mileage, establishing it as a dependable mode of transport.

I replaced my battery at 57,400 kilometers due to excessive use of fast charging. The second battery is currently functioning well.

  1. Smart Features:

    • The inclusion of smart features enhances the overall ownership experience, providing a technologically advanced and user-friendly interface.
  2. Environmentally Friendly:

    • Contributing to a greener lifestyle, the electric nature of the bike aligns with eco-conscious choices, reducing the overall carbon footprint.


  1. Limited Range Compared to Gen 3:

    • One noticeable drawback is the relatively limited range when compared to the newer Ather 450x Gen 3 model, indicating the need for advancements in battery technology.

While it might not personally concern me, it remains a notable issue for many other Gen 2 users.

  1. Top Speed Aspiration:

    • Enthusiasts may find the desire for a higher top speed, surpassing the current 90 KPH, as a point of improvement for those seeking a more spirited riding experience.
  2. Lighting Enhancement Needed:

    • Improved lighting is essential, addressing concerns regarding visibility and safety during nighttime or low-light riding conditions.
  3. Technological Evolution:

    • While the bike features smart capabilities, continuous technological evolution may be required to stay competitive in the rapidly advancing electric vehicle market.

Having internal storage options of 6 or 8 GB RAM coupled with 64 or 128 GB would be ideal.

  1. Charging Infrastructure Expansion:

    • Despite the convenience of Ather Grid, the scope for expanding the charging infrastructure to further locations could enhance the practicality of owning an electric vehicle.

The focus should not solely be on the count of Ather Grids; rather, it is crucial to have them available in all feasible locations throughout India.

Overall Impression:

In conclusion, my experience with the Ather 450x Gen 2 has been largely positive, with its array of advantages outweighing the identified drawbacks. As an eco-conscious commuter, the bike has not only met but exceeded my expectations, contributing to a sustainable and enjoyable mode of transportation. The journey with this electric companion has been transformative, marking a significant chapter in my daily commute and travel experiences.


Thats a lot of ChatGPT, anyways whats the battery health now ?


I haven’t ridden a third of that in my life time :smiley:

By the way, I am sure cost plays a role in how much you drive. What was your average annual kms before you switched to EV?

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Unfortunately this still doesn’t justify the price tag of 182,900 On Road.

Especially when weight directly affects the riding pattern. People using the bike with a pillon rider get almost 35% less range.

Also you are lucky that the battery failed at 57,000km what if it failed at 60,001?

What do you mean by

  • Clocking 75,000 kilometers attests to the bike’s reliability and commendable mileage, establishing it as a dependable mode of transport. ?

You literally changed battery at 57,000 km. How is that reliable?

You are lucky that Gen 2 has unlimited kilometres warranty for 3 years. What about users who are limited to 3 years 30,000km?

Your List of Cons are literally features for Gen 5


Exactly my question. Your battery got replaced just before the warranty period ends?


He might say extensive use of fast charge. But that’s not customers fault? You sold the bike saying use fast charges for free. Hey they used to even let users charge till 100% back in the day and say their battery tech is from the future. If fast charging is damaging battry so fast then what’s the difference between a mobile battery and bike battery? Both get replaced is 3 years


I spent Two Hours to Write this

And I make Normal Typing like this, Use ChatGPT to Make it Eligant

I never mentioned , I am from England :joy:


First Yr of NtorQ

Sept 2018 to Dec 2019 was 36k KMs

After that Lockdowns and Shts ruined

Used for another 10k KMs from Jan 2020 til Dec 2020

Then 6 Months W/o 2Ws and Bought @tarun 's Beauty August 2021

I disagree with you on this man. Even for electric cars in the likes of Tesla, sure you have the ability to fast charge, but pushing a component to its limits constantly will definitely reduce the lifespan. That’s just the nature of batteries. Imagine with harsh use, the battery lasted 57,000 kilometres. Outside of Ather and a couple of pioneers, it is very rare to see batteries last this long even with lighter use cases. With the introduction of Optimised Charging, limited Fast charging and better tech in Gen3, I wouldn’t be surprised if the battery pack outlives the scooter itself!

I’ve not even considered the huge buffer our battery packs have (usable capacity vs actual capacity)

Just cannot wait until some hacker-man decides to find a way around it and helps us unlock extra range when our flights are 5-7 years old :smiley:


I earned back it (Point 1)

My Use case is 90% Solo :zap:

I changed it under Warranty, Thats was Very Easy and Cool

Its my PoV, Yours Might Different - I didnt tell You will not have the Same Experience Anywhere

Its not Lucky, Its called Early Adopting Brother

Maybe Like You said, LUCKY !!

I rode Apex for Testing, So Only I made that as Cons for Old Users

Still My Warranty is there till 31st July, 2024 Brother

Mine is Gen 2 450x, Which has Unlimited KMs for 3 Years from the Date of Purchase

I didn’t say it for Whole Set of Customer. You need to Understand, Its my Experience - Not for all Customers

To be Clear Ather Energy is not a Charitable Trust

They didnt say anywhere Its Lifetime Free

If You have any Proof share me, I will speak with @tarun and Make it back Free For All

Nobody would do a Crores Invested Sector to be Free for Life

The Times is different, Now the Users are High

Wake up to the Reality

You are Comparing MaH and kW, Not Good

Cool :handshake:

Thats a Night Mare

Till 36k It all Cook

Next 16k KMs I completed within 120 Days Bro

Just Imagine the Russhes

Someday 300 KMs Next Day 50 KMs Another Day 200 KMs

Alot more Stories

Tarun is the Hacker Guy

(post deleted by author)

@abhishek.balaji What am i getting for 75k Achievement :sweat_smile:

An Apex of Ather 450 or What :imp:

@smridhi.kalati @tarun @swapnil.iitm @ravneet.phokela @Sulfiya.m @acorreya


Mobile phones are the most harsh used battery device out there. Everyone charges it every day using a fast charger. Battery dies out within 3 years. Now you have a Ather users who’s battery has died out in 3 years under harsh conditions.

Please understand to make profit out of this bike you need to ride atleast 15,000 km a year.

If you are gonna ride 5000 km in a year go buy 125cc Scooter

Purchase cost is 1,82,000* not 99,000

First 5 Month of Purchase - i.e August 2021 to Dec 2021 I rode 14k KMs

Next 12 Months 36k KMs (i.e - Jan 2022 till Dec 2022)

Now 25k KMs in 12 Months (i.e - Jan 2023 till Dec 2023)

You are Statement is not meant for me

Also I have Gen 2 Mint Green, Gen 3 and Gen 3.1 in the Family

Gen 2 MG at 47k ODO - 1 Yr 10 Months

Gen 3 at 30k ODO - 1 Yr 5 Months 26 Days

Gen 3.1 at 18k KMs ODO - Jan 25th about to Age a Year Old

I am not and End of the Conversation

Good Night !!

You earned it back but others can’t.

Your use case is solo but unfortunately the bike has a pillon seat.

They will change it for anyone under warranty. But what if battery dies when you reach 30,300km or 3 years and 7 days later? Ofcourse You can say it’s not luck but early adopter benefit but again what’s the point? New users or the current Gen 3 and 3.1 users won’t get these perks. How can you say company is reliable when benifits you got is not available for new users ?

Funny part is that you used fast charging to destroy your battery within 3 years you even admitted it. Show me a single statement from tarun saying using fast charger regularly destroys the battery?

Guess he listens to you so how about you talk to him and ask him to make a video saying use Ather fast charger only for emergency! And stop giving BS reason of over crowding. Please don’t make it free for all I can’t see more people doing the same mistakes you did.

Reality is crores of rupees is lost when company admits their mistakes. So play doge.

Mobile & bike battery was a generic comparison about time take to replace product.


I can’t eat food for Others, My Tummy supports my Own Body Parts

In this 75k KMs apprx 20k KMs were with Pillion, Thanks for letting me know that we have Pillion Seat Bro

:confounded::confounded::confounded:I feel really sorry for those People (if any):confounded::confounded::confounded:

Early Birds get the Worm :eyes:

60k KMs is a Good Perk. 60,000 x 3.5 RS = 2,10,000/- More ROI

Mistakes I did :sweat_smile: I can feel some jealous Here - Well Well :hugs:

Nope Nope :sweat:

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Exactly my point brother… Just look around the forums and you’ll find 100s of Gen1 users who are still on the original battery and getting TrueRange as well!

That’s your average user right there (like us), and for them the battery will last very very long! Arun happened to be one of the few people who pushed the pack to its limits, hence experienced a range drop.

The phone manufacturer designs the battery with average user in mind. Average phone user is the person fast charging their battery every single day with the supplied charger. Now if the user pushes it to the limits, by fast charging 3-5 times a day under a lot of heat, I’m sure the battery backup will plonk down like crazy.

Similarly Ather was designed with an average user in mind, who will charge everyday with a DOT/Portable Charger, with occasional Ather Grid top ups when necessary. Now if the user pushes it to the limits, by fast charging regularly, ofcourse that will have an impact on the life!

I hope you get my point!


Ofcourse I agree with you. But end users where not notified about this up till Gen 3 or to be honest till Optimised Charging came out. That’s the problem I am raising. Gen 2 Bikes and the Earlier Gen 3 Bikes when you buy it they don’t tell you to use fast charger once a month or it can damage it’s battery.

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Roger that !!

Ex : @tpav.vasanth My Brother like Friend

I totally agree to this Statement :sweat_smile: I pushed to the Battery Packs Limits. Gen 2 OGs know me well :white_check_mark:

Its been 2 Years 4 Months Since I bought my Oppo Reno 6, Less than a Month Younger than My Ather

I Charge this Bad Boy 3-4 Times a Day with 65w Fast Charger

Still He is Same as New :grinning::clap: I will use this guy till his 3 Years Age or +3-4 Months

Its applicable for All Automobiles

I don’t think so :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: