75,000 KMs and Counting with Ather 450x Gen 2 - Space Grey

True… but I guess it’s understood :smiley: no EV maker has been able to solve this problem yet (even Tata with their Nexon recommends you to slow charge regularly), and if Ather did manage to solve it their marketing team would’ve gone crazy :stuck_out_tongue:


Most People who talk about range are those who Ride 30-40 KMs a Day :confounded:


That’s great bro. Your luck with batteries is really good :zap:

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Haha Even I say, Slow Charge and Have Healthy Battery

Example is my Brother Gen 2 Mint Green

At 47-48k ODO, SoH is 87%

Mostly Slow Charged

His Veh will Go till 80-90k Without Worries but In a Year He will Reach that Mark

And Wheee Change the Battery for Sure :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe we have 500 Active users. The company has sold 200,000k units do you really think everyone out there knows fast charging causes damage?

Some people are forced to use a fast charger because unfortunately they bought a 2.7 varient which takes 6 hours to full charge but nearby fast charge can do it in 2


Active Users count is higher than this

You’re missing out on the most crucial part that not all battery chemistries are the same especially if you’re gonna compare fast charging with a Tesla.

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Tesla is the Supremacy of All Electrics :imp:

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That’s quite a lot of distance covered :slight_smile:

I wonder how you are able to drive this much without hurting your back.

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I don’t have my Hip :joy: I donated it to Aliens bro :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Just Kidding :eyes:

“ The hardest choices require the strongest will ” - I had that will to Survive Where Today I am :white_check_mark:


And why some people think that everybody bought the Ather for only cost saving and starts comparing the costs.

Some people bought it to save environment, some people bought it seeing instant pickup, some people bought it because they liked the design. No need to judge other people for their decisions which they made with their own money.

We are still at early adopter stage and EV enthusiast are buying the EVs. If you go and ask general public they still think battery has to be changed and all that non-sense. And EV enthusiasts know how a battery works, who didn’t know and fast charged it regularly thinking it’s free are paying the price with degraded range. Fast charging is for people like @chef.arun7 who likes riding their scooter a lot. It’s for emergencies on road only.

  • If your daily ride is less than 30-50, just do 40-80 or 50-80 cycles

  • If your daily ride is 50-60 Km then just do 20-80 cycles.

  • If you use the scooter to it’s limits then do 0-100 :joy:

This will ensure the maximum battery health. Use the battery correctly and don’t abuse it, then you will change your bike before the battery :wink:


Agreed, Not Everyone’s Story is Same Right :white_check_mark:

Enthu Cutlets :plate_with_cutlery:

When i hear this from Someone, Right away I stop the EV Topic with them Because I know we will end up frustating our Own Peace of Mind - Which Cost Us for Few Barley Juices :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Dude, From August 4/2022 to December 31/2022 ( I drove 14,000 KMs - 5 Months Its is But 150 Days - 70/80 Days was Rest and Drove 14,000 KMs in 80/70 Days Tbh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Which Ev will go thru this Painful Period


Abusing isn’t Tolerated But I suggest to Buy and Use it Properly :imp:

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Kindly Reply Dude,

What’s Disturb Your Inner Soul? That I took help from ChatGPT :joy::rofl:

Technologies are ment tobe used :slightly_smiling_face:

To me, This English itself good to Write Reviews But When Its about Describing a Beautiful Stuff

I definitely Want it to be as Beauty as the Thing I describe

Awaiting for Your Reply, Please make it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Forum is meant to be human to human conversation not ai to human :slight_smile:


Making Arun understand anything against Ather is waste of your time.


how much units of current you used for 75,000km. that will also give a clarity. you might have used free charging in Ather grid. but for genearl house hold use we can calculate the electricity bill also (You considered service charge for ICE).

@tarun Is Ather Forum Anti Ai or What

I clearly Mentioned, I just used my Normal English to Describe it in Aesthetic Words

Satisfying You People isn’t my Job, Like My Captain Dhoni Said - Proving anyone isn’t my JOB

If You wish See or Scroll :clap:

I don’t Anyone to Teach me or Educate me about Ather

If It is Valid Point Okay Fine

But I don’t want to be Educated :rofl::joy:

Basically I am From Tamilnadu, We get 100 Units of Free Current Per Month

I considered Using it for my Ather to Charge

Hence 0 EB Bill per Month by Ather

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Too optimistic bro…