450X: Product/Technical discussions

Starts if the speeds are below some threshold ig.

It does not work on Gen 3. The scooter will start only when its standstill.

oh wow! other Gen2 users can u replicate this?

I purchased a 450X in May 2022. Pardon my ignorance, but how do I identify or discern whether my beloved scooter is a Pro or a Plus?

Additionally, how do I ascertain the Generation number?

I await your timely response.

It is 450X and 450+ for May 2022. 450X if you have warp mode and Bluetooth. 450+ if it has less range (85km). And I think it is Gen 3 because Gen 3 was announced on 2022 January if I’m not wrong. You can identify Gen 3 if you have larger mirrors, 100/80-12 rear tyres MRF Zapper N. And autohold available in settings.


The Gen 3 was announced in July 2022. What you’re having is the Gen 2. You can assess whether it is a 450 Plus or 450X with Bluetooth, 85 KM range in Eco mode for 450X.


I didn’t know where else to put this question of mine. This is for the entire Ather Forum mod team. Why is there no separate category for Ather 450S? Now that the bike is in the market i think you guys should have a separate category for the same. I am really looking for a lot of answers regarding 450s like software updates, limitations when compared to 450x etc

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