450X payments and purchase process

Do share your screenshots after payment is completed :heart_eyes:


Amazing @Rahul! This is such a good thing to witness. Could you share the mode of payment you used, and how did it go?

Congratulations in advance!


Thanks man! yeah good to see progress, the wait for me was more than 9 months from the date of pre-order. mode of payment was pay at once and was done through card. its a straightforward process and everything went pretty smooth.


Are there any charges for payment through debit card?

Congrats @Rahul , how much was the full amount and are you from chennai ?


Apparently it’s

Bangalore - Rs 1,65,231

Chennai. - Rs 1,73,710

Source - Telegram

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Till what order I’d the payment window open? Is it for Series 1?

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Its city based, if I’m guessing right

Thanks. May I know the telegram group ? So that I can also join. Please give the link


My order is in Bangalore too

Hey thanks. Yes iam from Chennai

450 X Chennai !

  • 1,89,796 - Ather 450 X + Charging Point
  • 6,831 - Road Tax ( TN 4% )
  • 5,234 - Insurance
  • 850 - Smart Card Fee & RTO Registration

29,000 - Fame Subsidy ( Deduction )

1,73,710 - On Road Price

2,500 - Pre Order Amount ( Deduction )

1,71,210 - Total


Thanks. This is very expensive …

I expected the price to be around 1.5L.

So apart from 1.71L , there are subscriptions also right.

I asked ather to give us complete picture in cost and other extras @abhishek.balaji because it is very confusing and no clarity in the cost.

It would be really great if ather provides e-pamphlet so that buyers will get some clarity when buying.

Because not all of us have time to check in forum and get things clarified. These are the things that ather need to improve because many people feel that there is lack of transparency and clarity.


If there is no subscription fee I might think of buying this vehicle.

Just think how it will be if apple sell an expensive phone and ask you to pay a monthly fee to get updates. Frankly speaking this is not good for the company. They might make revenue in early stages but people will start to think and eventually they will not recommend to buy.

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Just to reiterate what others have mentioned on this forum earlier, the subscription service is NOT mandatory. You can still own an Ather and use it like any other vehicle. Only if you wish to use any of the smart connectivity features that Ather offers will you need to get one of their Connect Plans, for obvious reasons (data connection and storage costs, etc. that Ather incurs).


Adding to what Harish said, you could not pay for any subscriptions and still get critical updates. Feature updates can be received on your next Service. If you ask me, the only really useful subscription required is Connect Lite - which is less than 2k a year. Your power consumption will also likely range around Rs, 500 to 800 a quarter. And since you are a Series 1 customer, your first year already includes Service. After that, Service can be paid ad hoc (cost details to be published soon afaik).

I think what folks are not really comfortable with is paying ahead for a quarter or year. But i think if you look at it a different way, there is a certain ease at seeing that all your costs for the next quarter or year related to the vehicle are fixed and can be taken care of in one shot.

With petrol vehicles, we are somehow ok with ad hoc vehicle servicing that often costs more -about 1 to 2k each time (which is recommended every 500 to 1000 kms ideally vs 5k Kms for an EV). Fuel costs that are likely range to Rs. 500 to 800 per month (vs a quarter with EV). Maybe its a mindset change that is necessary here. Post purchase, pay ahead for some services and be at ease knowing that your costs are fixed and taken care of. Or dont, we have choices now :slight_smile:


@abhishek.balaji When is payment opening for 450x of 22xxx series? Can we expect it before 10th nov?

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Hi full payment or loan bro if loan what is the process

When is the Delivery Date?

Will you get your 450x in 10-15 days.


for full payment are they accepting credit card?

Debit card is currently not accepted. Credit card & internet banking will have a gateway charge of 2% by service provider.

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