450X First Look and Test Ride - Chennai

When you wait for something for months and it appears not just for your eyes, but for you to try it as well, the elation and happiness knows no bounds. Such a pleasant surprise happened recently.

Friday, 21st August, Chennai was preparing to celebrate “Madras Day” and there were memes all over, I was drowning neck down with work. At around lunch time, I got a call from @abhishek.balaji I thought this was regarding something that I had asked him sometime back or a normal courtesy call to keep things warm. Unassumingly, he asked me if I could come to Ather Space Chennai on Saturday for a quick connect. As it was not something that happens everyday, I thought let me go there and check. However, I was worried about travelling during COVID-19, I decided to visit and spend minimum time there and start.

There were only a handful of people were called for this connect. After the quick meet and greet, while I was clarifying a few of my doubts about the purchase/timelines etc. I checked with Abishek if I can start. That’s when the suspense came out. He said “Can you wait for 20 more minutes? I assure you it will be worth it”. With this I got all the more nervous. While I was passing time near the entrance, everyone was called closer.

Thats when the beautiful 450X was brought out to the entrance. The green one and the black one!! Both were stunning while I preferred the Black. Then the best surprise of all, when they handed over black beauty in WARP MODE and asked me to test ride. I just grabbed it and rushed towards the road!!

Then WHEEEEEEEEEEE. I hit 75KMPH just like that and laughed at a pulsar, tata sumo, activa, scooty and a few other vehicles that I ZIPPED past with just one throttle. The “ALL EYES ON ME” moment was amazing. You gotta try the speed and maneuverability. I was unable to control the smile.

The initial pick up and the gradual push is nothing compared to any other vehicle, including 450 :wink: (Sorry 450 owners). I urge all of you to try it out. Now this has made the wait all the more difficult. I cannot wait to lay my hands on this one. They say the deliveries will start by November. The sneak peak has put a thought worm in my mind that I cannot think of anything else but me riding the 450X. Ather - It is time you stop making us anxious like this :slight_smile:


Awesome! So warp mode is not a temporary thing, right? I used to think it was some afterburner mode that ends in 1 min or so… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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For a minute I got lost in that mode so it is true to a certain extent :grin:

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