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Yesterday I got chance to take a test ride of Ather 450X (wait a minute… I can’t call it a 450X as it is not fully configured 450X scooter). As it told correctly, it is a test ride of 450X programmed only with Warp mode (except bluetooth, TPMS, side stand etc). The ride and performance is good. What i felt from test rides are

  1. Impressive pick-up
  2. Smoother ride than 450 We are not lucky enough to get a fully configured 450X scooter even after waiting for long (COVID has shattered all the deliveries and plans). Following information needs to be clarified @abhishek.balaji
  3. Was this scooter fitted with 21700 battery configuration?
  4. Whether TPMS,side stand sensor, bluetooth and 4G feature was assembled to this scooter? If Yes, whether these features were not programmed to the software ?
  5. I understood that the UI is old version. Not Android (Pls correct if I am wrong) .What changes are you expecting in Android Version?
  6. I was told by Ather team member in Ather experience centre, Chennai that 450X will have more storage capacity than 450. Is it true?
  7. No information on Collector’s edition even after a long wait.(We cant blame COVID for this as it doesn’t need to go for production :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
  8. No ride statitics seen/noted as the system (inside Ather experience centre) was having some problem.
  9. Initially I was given Green coloured Ather 450X. I tried Warp mode and it immediately got off/didnt changed to Warp mode. The person in Ather experience centre told that it is because of hot condition outside (Is battery too much sensitive to temperature?). Then i tried with another one. Take away point with yesterday’s Warp mode test ride - In layman’s term, the only thing I felt is increase in pickup from 450. @abhishek.balaji - When we can get a test ride of fully configured 450X scooter & also Details of collectors edition.?

Hey @karthikramiyer,

Glad you enjoyed the trial of warp mode, you’re right that the scooters are not full production ready 450X, we’ve modified them to enable warp mode for the trials. Since these vehicles are for test rides only, and there are likely to have been quite a few before you who were pushing the vehicle to its limits with warp mode, it would have switched out, as a safety feature.

Collector’s edition details will be out soon, we don’t have an exact date yet on when test rides for 450X would be available with all features.


Thanks for the reply Abhishek.Let me confirm the following 1)the vehicle which gave for test ride doesn’t have new battery. 2) UI is without android.

I’ve never read about any experience of the new dashboard here on the forums :face_with_head_bandage:

Do you guys don’t have the access to the new dashboard hardware because of any shipping issues due to covid :thinking: or everything is on track as expected and I’m thinking too much :roll_eyes:

The vehicle has the new battery pack, which apart from the new 21700 cells, have an upgraded BMS, new power electronics and revamped writing internally + better thermal management due to a new design.

The UI is still the same as what you see on 450, and it’s running early software to enable compatibility. Android based dashboard will bring in some improvements, but the UI will mostly be the same as what you see in these vehicles. You will see much better touch responsiveness and interactions will feel more snappy.


Just setting expectations here, even with the new Android dashboard, you’ll not see a UI that’s similar to Android phones or tablets, the UI will look mostly similar to what you see on 450s today, but will help with touch responsiveness and make interactions more snappy.

New dashboards will be available a little later to try out, the teams are working on putting the final touches to the firmware.


I tried the warp mode yesterday and it was an amazing experience. Truely next level. I have been said that it is a beta version of the vehicle and just to test the warp mode. When can we expect the final version for trails may be in Oct first week!!? cant wait to check all the new features I am super excited to check the vehicle.

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I need someone to confirm that the WARP mode has been tweaked to lower performance levels now ?! If there’s no WARP mode, I am no longer interested in this bike. I don’t really care for range.

I am awaiting delivery post lockdown and since my bike has not been registered, I will ask for a refund !!

@abhishek.balaji @abhishek.balaji2 can you please throw some light on this ?!?!

WARP mode is still there. Before you take a decision on cancelling your order, I would suggest you take a test ride again after the lockdown opens and decide for yourself.

Abhishek has responded on this issue in a previous post: https://forum.atherenergy.com/t/throttle-issue-for-warp-mode/19862/14?u=thakur.ketan

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Hi Abhi,

Warp mode on 450X is not great and it defer everytime when we twist the throttle and we can notice power drop immediately.

Ather is fooling consumer by promise false power and range.

Also bad built plastic quality.

Guys find the link for Ather 450X poor quality and issues I have face and not able to resolved by Ather Engineers.

Thank you

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If you’re interested owning 450x for others features (with software bugs may be fixed in future) than warp performance, you can but if you interested only on warp mode performance riding fun you’ll end up worries like many warp experienced customers now facing warp mode performance drop from ota updates (actually downgrade). Wait for few months and many competitors arriving this year to market sale.

Well said @kotteeswar25, I totally agree with you.

@nidhi.x, Don’t fall prey to this tricks. They Initially sold me product as promised, but performance tweaked to low after couple of months. I referred 4 of my friends and now they are blaming me!

I wonder if this might be a new marketing strategy - They might be planning to release a new model probably 550x and reducing the 450x performance might bring a new model with increased performance in comparison. It will be in a loop for newer models (this is just a hunch)


Why isn’t anyone @abhishek.balaji or anyone from Ather team answering and solving this issue. Come on you are not any other Chinese imported company in the market!


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