450 OG upgrade to 450x

Since the previously discussed topics are closed, I’m starting a new thread. Right now Most of all the OG 450 owners should have received an E-Mail to sign up for the upgrade program

The details I know are

you have to register for the upgrade program before the 31st of Jan 2023,

After that, they will send you a Mail with the Scooter check-up appointment date,

After the check-up, they will set up a reimbursement with their partner to buyback the Ather 450

Then we have to submit to scooter to the EC and wait for the payment window of the Gen 3 scooter and make the payment

Now further details are, the New Gen 3 upgrade program you cannot register for yourself because Fame2 claimed already, so it should be for a family member’s name.

further, we can discuss this topic I hope there will be more input from the moderators and Ather team.


Which means is it possible to claim the subsidy if I use my family member’s while exchanging the vehicle???


Can Ather 450x gen 2 upgrade to gen 3?


Technically yes, if you invoice the vehicle in your family members name you should be able to claim the subsidy. For this to work, in the upgrade program Ather should allow you to register the new vehicle under a different name.


Here is a snapshot of the mail for OG 450 owners should have received


No you cannot.


Just an roughly estimate if u have covered 50,000 km under 3years the vehicle has paid it self If u ware to have a petrol bike and covered 50k km u wound have spend about 105,000+ on fuel assuming that it gave u a 50kmpl Get Gen 3.1@ 80k is pretty good deal i assume . .50,000…(total km)…÷…50.(millage).×103.(fuel cost) Coming from the OG 450 to the newest will be a huge upgrade for sure Let me know what ya think


Right now there are no offers for the 2nd gen,


I have a few concerns:

  1. Will the upgrade price vary after vehicle inspection? If so, what are all the criterion? For eg: odo reading, damages.

  2. I have a zero depreciation insurance running on my vehicle for 2 more years, if there are cosmetic damages can it be used to cover the damage cost.

  3. Need more clarity on subsidy. Can we invoice in family members name to claim subsidy, but still register the vehicle at rto in our name?


I was told when i bought my Gen3, that only after 6 months i can claim subsidy for one more scooter. So not sure if i can buy in the same name.

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In the fame 2 policy procedure, it says, it is the responsibility of dealer to ensure “No individual person can purchase more than one vehicle of same category and claim incentives under the scheme”

There’s no mention of time restriction, so I assume it’s till fame 2 policy end which is March 2024


Those who wish to upgrade or future new owners what colours will you get

  • Black Cosmic
  • Space Grey
  • True Red
  • Lunar Grey
  • Still White
  • Salt Green

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I was able get some info on this by talking with CS. According to them, the cost may go up by ₹10000 based on the condition of the vehicle.

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My Ather 450 OG has been very sparingly used, due to the pandemic and WFH. ODO reading is less than 4000 km.

I am really confused if the new upgrade makes sense for me. Although I am sure the new model would be a dream to ride compared to the 3 year old one.

It’ll be a great vehicle. But think of your usage as well. If you haven’t used you 450 much, I don’t think you should think of an upgrade. Even if you upgrade it’ll probably be unused unless your wfh ends.


I bought 450 in 2020 from Chennai shipped it to Visakhapatnam, where i currently live, do you guys think if i’ll be able to get my 450 to chennai, get the amount and buy the new one here in Visakhapatnam? The 450 is registered with relatives who live in Chennai, now as Ather is in Vizag, can i buy here now?

Hi All, I have already registered for Ather 450 exchange program, Did any one receive email from Ather regarding appointment for vehicle exchange/evaluation ?

Further details will be sent from 31st of Jan this year.

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Hi Ather Team,

Can you please provide more information on Appointment for Ather vehicle inspection , Do we need to call Ather customer care for the Appointment or email will be sent by Ather team to schedule the appointment

Regards Sanjay