10.1.6 Feedback

Hi everyone, Excited to know your experience with 10.1.6. Lets talk and share here. Am sure Ather will have more updates coming next to address other bugs. Lets stick with what this update was focused to fix:


  • The network indicator on the dashboard will represent 4G bandwidth more accurately, than network strength.
  • Documents that have a large file size will now be resized and displayed.
  • To avoid connector damage, we added a caution screen when you turn the key on while the charger is plugged.


  • Implemented caching for faster map load times.
  • In the case of UI restart, navigation will resume where it left off.

Ride Stats

  • Fixed some instances of app-sync issues. Fixed issues with start/end locations on trip cards.

Not much change, only network indication updated, and other minor bugs fixed.


Yet to get the update


This update is all about maps & restart issue. I have been using this version since beta testing and worked like a charm.

Only issue faced by us is initial loading of the day takes a bit longer.

I also received a stable update now but yet to install so any feedback on stable updaye regarding maps. Is there an improvement in initial loading too In the stable version.?


Got the update today after been on beta. Drove for 30 kms. Map worked like a charm. More rugged test to come this weekend during my ride to Matheran from Bombay. It will be interesting to see how it performs. And yes, I didn’t observe much lag during initial loading. I think its the same as the beta version. May be its better. Couldn’t make out the difference. Will keep an eye on it.


Hi All,

Quick observations after latest update

  1. The booting sound (notification sound) was not heard while update was complete.

It sounded only after hard rest. This happened before and the team at Hyderabad advise me to go for Service.

As a trial I just shutdown and rebooted it worked :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  1. The indicator turn sound did not work though the settings is not off

Similar issue as stated above for booting sound. It worked after shutdown.

  1. The calling features of cancelling the call using right indicator or picking up the call using left indicator did not work. ( Trying this feature for the first time)

Folks here said it might be an issue with the phone make. I am on Oneplus 5 Running on Android 10

Tried force restart and also a shutdown. The indicator turn sound was not heard. The setting was turned off. It worked after turning the setting on.



Faced similar issue, sounds went off post update. But a quick dash reset fixed the sounds, and were back to working. The home/work locations were absent post update. Need to check again tomorrow.


Got it, all good for now, looks stable

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Battery drain after update…


Battery drain issue after latest update. 100% at 11:30pm 27 Aug. 96% at 7:00am 28 Aug. Dropped 4%in span of 7 hours.


Charging gets pause due to update. Can’t able plan any trip because of this issue. notification to app is needed while charging and update. Kindly look into that charging doesn’t interrupted because of update.


In this update i think ather added extra features like apple sneakely do… When driving on sport mode on down hill with out acceleration also battery getting depleted, because ather doesnt want its users to drive bike for long time. Like apple iphones or macafter few cycles of battery it will show “State of charge” above 96 ,98 because sneakely doing updates will cause the user draining battery drastically get scared and use eco mode more time for range…

If this was not changed by ather by next update “Ather will get a very bad impression from customers” Cause in some sites i see that the warrenty battery replacement in 3 years because the “SOC” gets below 70%. But when buying ather customer representative tells if battery “SOC” gets below 80% then ather replace battery.

Funny they are restricting “SOC” to get more cycles and ather never going to replace a battery for its customer.

We bought ather because ather can change “SOC” realtime and show users :face_with_monocle: in eco mode you are getting above 80 so your battery cant be replaced. This is a very bad play by ather.

I can prove these but i dont want to share my ride stats.


Ermm, I think you’ve got confused between “SoC”(State of Charge) and “State of Health” of the battery. Ather replaces battery if your battery’s State of Health drops below 70%.

Don’t worry about battery replacement, cos I don’t think anyone till date has got a battery replacement cos no one has dropped below 70%


Ok I dont know difference between SOC and SOH.

But you didnt understand what my point was👍. Regarding updates showing wrong info on dashboard and limiting the battery.

I never worry about battery SOC or SOH. I worry about range in other modes which shows 60 in sport mode.

And the info which we are looking at should be accurate (±)5 atleast. I think you dont need anything from ather cause you are super satisfied by the software from ather


State of Charge = The status of your battery percentage you see on your dashboard. State of Health = The overall battery health, which suggests the condition of Battery, and decreases over the years of usage.

There is no bad play. There is no sneaky change in update. You simply need to understand how those terms work, maybe you’re just confused between that. :slight_smile:


I understood now they are playing with decrease of SOC can improve charge cycles and drastically change SOH.

Tinkering these can change the range values and user range anxiety from customers because of battery health. My health is my wealth. Seeing all the values charge only between 20-80 to get more cycles and riding a short distance in warpmode shows more range anxiety now. Not even accelerating the charge is dropping in sloppie areas before update these are not done.

Why now. Does the dashboard faking the values and limiting capacity.

Think about it and reply. I am against updates faking everything shows in dashboard. (Speed, range) why we bought ather.


I also face same issue after update, battery drain faster than before. During night charging percentage drop @2-3%


That’s normal % drop overnight. I don’t think update has anything to do with it. At least I have not seen any such drop. In fact this 10.1.6 was focused on navigation issue & Bluetooth connectivity issues. You can find similar drop in other electronic devices like caravan, BT speakers, even rechargeable batteries have shelf life drop in SOC, etc. its the characteristics of a battery and not to do with intentional or deliberate work by ather via OTA.


As per Ather there will be drop of 0.1-0.2% of battery during night not more than that, this is more than they told


10.1.6 update maps are better, but dashboard restarts has to be stopped.