10.1.4 feedback thread

We’ve started rolling out 10.1.4 to all 450X and Plus owners, creating this thread for feedback and any reports of bugs with this update.


  • New safety measure: Side stand sensor behavior is updated to ensure the motor now turns off when the side stand is deployed while riding at a low speed (~ 3kmph). This change would make your rides safer in case:
    1. The side stand is unintentionally deployed.
    2. You forget to turn off the motor once you deploy the side stand.
  • Dashboard turning on when the vehicle is switched off is fixed.
  • Repeated ‘charging done’ messages while the scooter is fully charged is fixed.
  • Favourites added on your Ather app now show up on the dashboard.
  • A newly added cautionary message will be displayed when the charger is locked to avoid damage to the charger plug.
  • Few occurrences of dashboard rebooting are fixed.


  • For extended usability, the motor fan on/off behavior is updated.

Bluetooth related improvements (Ather 450X only)

  • Bluetooth on the dashboard will now automatically disconnect from your phone a few seconds after the key is turned off.
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Where has the park assist option disappeared


Maybe there is some kind of revision? Or the option is not optimized for the new software.

Restart one and let me know if it’s persistent or a one of case. Are you able to use park assist with the button combo?

@abhishek.balaji Ride statistics is not getting synced in app after the update.

Was not able to using combo too but fixed after restart which was my 2nd/3 rd manual restart of the day after that too due to the maps issue At times maps fails to load even when in full network coverage which gets fixed after restart and now found a new issue in which the vehicle stops moving even when the motor is on which also gets fixed after restart but is quite scary at traffic signals

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Random screen restart still happening. This happened today while I was getting it back from the service centre here in Delhi.

Great update no issues so far. Good ride quality. Side stand update is a much required safety update. Bluetooth issue where music was not resuming after call got resolved for me


Today I have took a ride for about 20 Kms, Dashboard has Restarted when I am about to complete my ride. Fan is also too noisy and due to which there is too much of vibration.


I faced screen restart when I switched to Park Assist. The screen took more time to restart than it usually does.

Which model is this display looks different


That is 450x Series 1.

Getting some noise from the dashboard fan as if something is getting in the way of the fan while spinning. Will try to record on video. The noise occurs when the fan spins at high rpm on wrap mode. Noticed this thing after the update.


Yeah mee too same issue

Screen staying on while charging

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Can you elaborate on this more or share a photo of this happening?

Yesterday had driven 36 km, the screen restarted 3 times, when screen restart, Bluetooth connectivity also goes, you need to stop the scooter and then reconnect. The efficiency figures are really bad, driving on eco and ride mode the efficiency is around 36 to 40 wh/KM. Please look into.


I switch back on my vehicle after shutting it down for 3 months and these are the things that i noticed:

  • Its a completely different vehicle in terms of modes ( pickup + efficiency + range/mode) everything has changed

  • Addition of the side stand feature is great.

  • Random dashboard restart have increased exponentially, during my 5 minute ride it restarted twice and bluetooth disconnects completely.

  • I am okay with the fan noise ( but for some it might be too loud )

  • Starting the vehicle initially gives you a grey screen sometimes , when you start riding, the dashboard restarts and becomes normal

  • Maps are literally of no use ( lags and takes to long to even load the map ), i have no clue why we are paying for the pro subscription when map was the prime feature ather advertised for pro.

  • Ride stats does not sync on regular basis and its erratic, sometime it does sometime it does not.

  • It feels like eternity that a proper iOS update was being pushed. iOS users are always at the backfoot when it comes to this.


Why are they messing up the software too often,I am thinking of getting rv 400 due to multiple software bugs and performance drops @abhishek.balaji check your dm on the forum and on telegram


The screen takes more time to load up than before. Had two incidents of random display reboot while riding, performance is fine , but display fan makes trrr sound at certain speed