10.0.3 feedback and suggestions

We’ve started rolling out the next OTA update 10.0.3 to all 450X and 450 Plus owners.

Release notes: OTA and App updates

Creating this thread for feedback, bug reports, and suggestions on this patch update.


Still maps going blank bug is still there and a new addition in bug is that maps says imagery not available and gets stuck


Feedbacks shared in early access were not addressed. number plate light was still on. indicator volume too low to be audible in traffic.

do you really act on these? because, I need to think about spending time somewhere where it makes sense if you just gather feedback and not acting on that.


Feedback has definitely been noted, we fixed the sync issues and some improvements to the auto cut off indicators as well. Since this fixes a majority of the bugs reported in the earlier release (10.0.2), we want to get this update out to all owners first, to improve their dashboard experience.

Any bugs reported in this release will be worked on in the upcoming OTA updates.


Update installed smoothly.

Ride data sync issue seems to be fixed.

But turn indicators volume remains inaudible needs to be restored to original level.

Maps doesn’t load need to press home button to make maps force load.


Update Installed Successfully


Initial Impressions:

  1. The whole dashboard UI seems a bit fluid and responsive.
  2. Sync issues have been solved and works fine.
  3. Alert volume has been reduced and it’s perfect for me.


  1. Volume controls for alert sounds can be done.
  2. An option to turn off auto cut - off indicators can be given.
  3. Accuracy of the remaining time for charge completion can be improved.

Waiting for the next update with Bluetooth🤩


Today while riding the screen got restarted once, also was driving in afternoon heat, I felt the vibrations of the fan for the dashboard.


Map froze during a ride today. This is after updating to new version.


Sync issue starts after update completed. Full charge indication is it for time traveling to past or to wait for next day for full charge?

As usual after every update rear number plate light was on. This can avoided by notification to app as update completed. Charging paused for update at 49% soc. Also Can be avoided by update after Full charge or continue charging after update completion @abhishek.balaji .


Recent Rides not getting updated. I took a ride at 6pm. It’s still not updated. App shows as synched.

Reverse mode is not responsive in this ota.

Today map freezed for some time, this wasn’t while ridding, I was looking for a place while standstill.

Also indicator is not at all audible in traffic at all.

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@abhishek.balaji: When is the next App update rolling out? Unable to upload docs to mobile app.


@abhishek.balajii I agree too charging should not stop during update or wait update should wait for charging to complete instead of 3am default i faced this 2 two times already

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  • Number plate light was on during the update

  • Ride Statistics not getting updated

  • Indicator sound should be more audible


Issue 1: Map is still having problems. It goes blank

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@abhishek.balaji still no update received Ather 450x owner in Mumbai yet…

Haven’t received any update yet.

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Reading all these issues I will wait for a little while longer and update the version on my series 1. Also will most definitely not renew any subscription plans going forward and use my ather like a normal scooter. It’s really disappointing to see so many issues being brought up after each and every update.

Yesterday my dashboard just restarted and went into normal mode when I was navigated to a place and had to use the phone to find the rest of my way.

Update - My wife who had to go out told me the number plate light is on so I had to come and check to see the update also already installed and I had to run down to check. After I switched on and switched off the ignition the light turned off.