Your Ather 450X is being prepared

Another video fresh off the press!

Also, on a side note, can anyone tell me where this “Outskirts of Tamil Nadu” is located? Isn’t that simply Bengaluru for all practical purposes? :joy:


Most of my friends know about my craze for Ather and how I’m not able to contain the excitement. Here’s them after seeing the factory video. The one who is asking for the article,has recently been hired as a writer for a online

platform. The one who hasn’t said anything is just out of words I think :joy:

I am pushing Tarun and rest of the team to hire me since long but no luck yet. Maybe you all can help me :joy: :wink:

Edit: Don’t know why the order isn’t correct for the sequence of images.

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Just found this on a page related to Indore’s food and events with 242K followers.Thought of letting you all know. Giving Ather 450X as a prize is a huge deal. Also Hints at 450X coming"soon" in Indore! :wink:


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Wonderful way to go… cheers ather energy :zap:… was just wondering if factory tour is available to all ? If so what’s the procedures to book an appointment :grimacing:

When can we expect Kochi showroom inauguration?? Thankyou

Customer care saying end of march

When i mailed the dealer’s they told march 2 nd week