Yokesh's 450

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share my experience with Ather 450 after 1 year of usage. Initially I never gave any review or shared anything related to ownership experience as I wanted to wait till am completely sure about what I wanna say and share.

Let me start with the delivery that I took a year back, I still remember the feel of attending the delivery event at Chennai for the first 25 owners. It was a new and amazing experience, it took some time to get the papers get sorted but finally I had the vehicle delivered and the feel of driving it from Ather Space to home was damn awesome, head turns at every signal, it was an amazing feeling for sure.

Fast forward to 3 months have rode around 3K kms and was loving it every bit. I used to own a Duke 200 previously, sold the vehicle at 2018 and waited a year to take Ather at 2019. The rush and feel that I had while driving duke was almost matched by Ather and I never regretted going for Ather in terms of performance. And I can’t stress enough on how much I have saved on fuel. Now roaming with bike doesn’t have to be expensive and could be only fun.

As time went by the problem that was persistent and annoying was headlights and mirrors. The worst part is I had a faulty mirror unit and even after complaining many times it was never taken seriously until recently and was replaced. The headlight was as discussed baby everyone didn’t have enough power in them and we all came to terms with it. But the mirror was a totally different issue, I understand that due to aerodynamics and design the mirror was chosen to be, but the problem is even with that my left mirror was always inclined towards me and right was at a good place. I even tried few of Ather service vehicles which they brought during service and I could properly look at the vehicles coming from back through that mirror. Anyhow this was the most annoying problem that I faced and got that sorted out in the last service.

Apart from this, there were times when vehicle would use turn off one its own or wouldn’t simply turn on. Sometimes it won’t charge and sometimes it just makes some weird noises or there might be belt issues. Though these things were at times risky as it has happened while driving, it never bothered me much cause whenever there is a software involved there would eventually be bugs involved in them. And whenever I got faced with these kind of problems a call to cc would be done and a software flash would be done and I would be good to go.

The one thing that bothered me most is Ather never gave any receipts or mails regarding the service that they did and the components that have been replaced cause during the regular 5k service one or two components were replaced and I even asked them specifically to mail me what they replaced so I could keep track of the things that has been done at each service and calculate how much would it cost for us to maintain the vehicle if we weren’t in Ather service subscription. But till date it was never done by them. It would be really nice if going forward Ather did give receipts or acknowledgments of what they have done even if it was done for free of cost and if it came under Ather subscription.

Right now after a year am at 7.5K kms with my Ather 450 and at a good place overall except for the few issues that I faced. The one thing I miss the most is going long rides and travelling from city to city in bikes. Hope in future we can do that with EV. Eagerly waiting to take the series 1 delivery soon and experience it.

I know what I have said is not that much of a serious issue compared to what many have faced with their vehicle, but I just wanted to say my honest take on it and share it with you people.

Hope everyone has a safe ride and a problem less vehicle with them and love riding it day in and out.


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