Will Ather provide service in different state from where it is registered or purchased

If i buy Ather in Maharastra and move it to Karnataka, will Ather provides service accordingly


Yes you can get your service anywhere done in whole of India, I bought it from Ahmedabad and did my service in Surat and they did it, no issues with that!

Safe ride ahead!


Ather provides service all over india where ever Ather showroom is available. Other than the cities where showroom is available, Owner has to take the responsibility to bring it to the city where showroom is available. In such cities where showroom is not available Ather does not come to pick the vehicle or send any person to that city/town.

Example: My home town is Eluru(AP) if I take my vehicle there then it is my risk to take that to Vizag/HYD as those are the nearest cities with showroom. Ather doesn’t come to Eluru. If I go to hyd they will service or I can take to Vizag or Bengaluru anywhere that is up-to me.

Hope this clarifies your doubt.

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