Why is the option of plugging in the Charger option required while updating the Ather?

I have been quite unable the get the Ather’s point on Connecting the charger while update needs to be installed, When update pop’s up the requirement may be the only battery percentage above the threshold, so it does not accidentally switch off while the update is happening or it might leave the system unstable.

But what is the point of having to plug in the charger to updates to get installed, I mean the screen might turn on, or something else?

It can happen in the background and wait for the user to come back and restart the system later

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Well, during update, due to unforeseen condition if the battery drains at higher rate due to temporary software settings for updates and your vehicle turns off before update completes, your vehicle dashboard ‘can’ go to a state called ‘brick’ where even restart might not help wake your vehicle up. As a precaution we are supposed to plug into constant power source. It is the recommended practice even for the mobile phones.

In case of mobile phones, even if it gets bricked its relatively easy to take it to a service center than the 110+Kilo Scooter which might need RSA and how many RSA’s can Ather handle simultaneously as of Today?

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I don’t think that is case, Bricking can happen any time, even a smallest bump in power or any unnecessary path can also lead to bricking, I have learnt a few things over the year that the motor control unit is separate than the Display control unit, even though they talk to each other, I don’t think they are hardwired to each other. Since every software update is fixed on a convenient time like a pc it download and keeps it in the background waiting for user to give it a go. but still why is plugging in is required i don’t understand The battery is 60v and can hardly drop to 50v , still there is plenty of power to do a software update, I’m pretty sure they run on 12v

I checked with Ather guys, they informed its not a compulsion.

It is a compulsion by software lock

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I just updated my scooter without connecting the charger. Only requirement is battery should be more than 40%

My ather did not receive the update yet, and it is in Visakhapatnam, is there any delay due to the location at where it is?

is yours 450x?

Yes, its 450x

well the question is for 450s, I saw in the other post they have removed this compulsion for 450X, I hope in the future updates they remove this compulsion for 450s too

The requirement has been removed for the 450X. It was there in the 450 since some software updates included updates for the Dot/Home point as well. So it would happen at the same time. Since then, they’ve been decoupled so updates to the charger can happen anytime the vehicle is plugged in.

Also, requiring the charger plugged in helped ensure that the update was happening at a safe place, in your home instead of when you’re out and about riding.

Feedback noted, we’ll consider the same for the 450 as well.


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