Why I am not getting loan to buy Ather 450 x 3gen?

I booked Ather 450x on 29/10/2021 by paying Rs 2,500, after which the showroom informed me that my scooter will meet me in the month of May 2022. But, at that time I could not afford the scooter as I did not have enough money for the downpayment. Now I had enough down payment and Ather showroom said to get the scooter so I paid Rs 30,000 on 16/07/2022 and after that Ather showroom told me that “new scooter is coming soon and its price is Rs 10,000 more, so You still have to pay.” May I know what is wrong with me in all this? Kindly I want to buy this scooter but please help me to get a loan from Ather company as a humble request.


What did they say when you reached out to them for loan?

Hey Mayur, write an email to info@atherenergy.com our team will look into this.

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