Why GEN3 is not mentioned in the RC?

Why in the RC they have not mentioned 450X Gen3? While at the same time they have mentioned Gen3 in the Digit Insurance.

When raised a ticket with Ather some called me after 20 days saying Gen 3 term is used by Ather for internal identification of the scooter. According to him all 450X are same and Gen3 has performance upgrades.

If its an internal term than why they sells 450X new models as Gen 3 and 3.1 to customers . Also why only in the insurance they have mentioned Gen3.


Yes, during the entry on the registration portal (vahaan), they should have mentioned as Ather 450X Gen 3. That’s just 4 characters extra to their entries under model field.

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For your information this is not a solution for this. If Its internal identifications than why it’s mentioned in the insurance copy?


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