Why can't I track my delivery better? Why is my delivery delayed?

We understand that our customers would like more clarity on their date of delivery. A summary of your order and the expected delivery period is available on the order summary page on the customer portal. If there is any change to your delivery period, we proactively communicate it through emails, forum and the portal. Having said that we are working on methods that can give you even more clarity about your delivery date.

Basically, the installation of the DOT or the delivery of the 450 depends on:

  • the date on which one makes their payment
  • the number of ready-to-deliver vehicles that we have

While we do open our payments in a sequential manner, people do not necessarily pay in that sequence. Lot of times we get payments from old Pre-Orders. Therefore, as our number of orders go up, it’ll be extremely confusing for the future Pre order folks if we start releasing delivery and installation status of all the old orders. Hence, we are working on a better system.

And more importantly, we are working on a scenario where our PO folks will hardly have to wait for getting their 450. it might take a little while, but we’ll get there :wink: