Who Says Electric Scooters Can’t Be Exciting? - Kymco F9


Everyone trying to measure anything in the world: “SI units”

Indian journalists trying to measure performance of other electric 2W: “Benchmarked against Ather 450X specs, this gives…”


Good job, Ather. It takes a lot to be considered the gold standard in a segment :slight_smile:


Ather has it’s own set of standards :fire:

Don’t forget that they have their own unit of measuring time.

The legendary "soon"


If Ather is Dio, This looks like Aprilia SR150. 9.4kw and 30Nm would be just blazing hot. If this makes it to mass production as is, It’ll be great fun with the 2 speed transmission

Although they have a JV with 22 motors and 3 scooters from 22Kymco have been launched in India, I don’t expect this to come in the next year. I’m yet to see the 3 scooters previously launched.

Moreover this F9 with a single seat and no floorboard is not something India crowd will choose