White Colour Production

I heard that Ather stopped White Colour Production. Is it true? I made full payment for White 21 days ago in Pune and at the last they are saying we cant deliver you white colour. What should I do now?

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I don’t think this is so true. Get in touch with CS


They are denying me to deliver white.

Not BU Bhandari, Ather HQ CS Team.


Hi can you tell after prebooking after how many days payment window will get open I pre booked on 9 June as grey colour in BU Bhandari Pune.


1.5 month. You will get reminder for Payement then u hv to pay as soon possible after payment Ather will deliver within 15 to 20 Days

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Is it really true. I had booked White colour 450x on 21st April and still didn’t received any further notice.

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You will get but with price hike

There is no price difference in any colour and no price hike as been announced till now.

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In July der ll be price hike