Whats your favorite Ather Grid?

Hi Atherites,

What’s your favorite Ather Grid in your city and why?

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Here’s mine: In Bombay: I love the Grid at Suba International in Andheri.

  • It’s located right off the highway.
  • The host is a nice hotel.
  • Food is good and I can spend time working while Toothless is getting charged.
  • Have used it many times.

In Pune: Copa Cabana, Wakad

  • right off the highway
  • host is good
  • food is good
  • they once opened it for me at 7 am. :blush:

For Me ,

In Tamilnadu


  1. Showroom Right Side Grid

Peaceful Place and Friendly Staffs

  1. Mugs and Brews - Grid

Noice and Greeny Place + Nearby Nice Restuarants


  1. Showroom Grid
  • Showroom is Very near to Beach , Just like 1 KM. So You can even do a Walk to Beach while Charging

Placed in a Decent Place :zap:


  1. Peep’s Kitchen

It is in Decent Location but Crowded. Still Good for Urgent Fillings.

  1. Ather Space Goa Showroom Grid

Located in a Busy Road , Still Awesome and Peaceful. Those Who travel to Baga Beach from South Goa can do a Top up there.


Kala Ghoda, Mumbai because that’s the only grid I have used a couple of times apart from the Ather EC in Bandra.

I have always found the grid functional and available, though it seems to be in high demand.


Hello Mr.Shishir , Hope you remember me - we have made a Tweet convo in Twitter :green_heart:

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I like the grid at Kala Ghoda as well. Last time I was there, I was fined Rs.200 for wearing the mask under my nose, Lol

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Is that @umesh_dhanush on twitter?

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Yeahhhh , Its me

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