Whats your favorite Ather Grid?

Hi Atherites,

What’s your favorite Ather Grid in your city and why?

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Here’s mine: In Bombay: I love the Grid at Suba International in Andheri.

  • It’s located right off the highway.
  • The host is a nice hotel.
  • Food is good and I can spend time working while Toothless is getting charged.
  • Have used it many times.

In Pune: Copa Cabana, Wakad

  • right off the highway
  • host is good
  • food is good
  • they once opened it for me at 7 am. :blush:

For Me ,

In Tamilnadu


  1. Showroom Right Side Grid

Peaceful Place and Friendly Staffs

  1. Mugs and Brews - Grid

Noice and Greeny Place + Nearby Nice Restuarants


  1. Showroom Grid
  • Showroom is Very near to Beach , Just like 1 KM. So You can even do a Walk to Beach while Charging

Placed in a Decent Place :zap:


  1. Peep’s Kitchen

It is in Decent Location but Crowded. Still Good for Urgent Fillings.

  1. Ather Space Goa Showroom Grid

Located in a Busy Road , Still Awesome and Peaceful. Those Who travel to Baga Beach from South Goa can do a Top up there.


Kala Ghoda, Mumbai because that’s the only grid I have used a couple of times apart from the Ather EC in Bandra.

I have always found the grid functional and available, though it seems to be in high demand.


Hello Mr.Shishir , Hope you remember me - we have made a Tweet convo in Twitter :green_heart:

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I like the grid at Kala Ghoda as well. Last time I was there, I was fined Rs.200 for wearing the mask under my nose, Lol

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Is that @umesh_dhanush on twitter?

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Yeahhhh , Its me


@abhishek.balaji its sad to see Grids in Bandra, Thane and Kalyan taken down as the stores were closed. Will there be new grids in these locations soon? All these are important locations for longer rides. Its monsoon and it might be difficult to plan leisure trips without these grids. Peace :v:

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Ather Space in Thane is now open with Grid also available. :blush:… next is a replacement for Kalyan and Bandra. :crossed_fingers: