What's next ? A self balancing Ather 😊

So this is a self balancing bike from liger mobility , mumbai it uses an underseat gyroscope to keep the scooter upright during standstill and lower speeds , still in early stages of production

So is this a feature worth while to see in the future generations of Ather :blush:, what are your thoughts?


very interesting feature …


in the next 7 years maybe.

Not a necessity. This feature isn’t solving a bigger problem. The bigger problem in my opinion is lesser range. I’d choose higher range over this fancy feature any day. Under-seat gyro means no boot space. Adding a gyro for this purpose means that more energy goes into the gyro to keep the vehicle upright, which also means that the range is reduced further. Simply put, this is great to see as a concept but it doesn’t solve the major problems that we have.


Next, we may required reverse charging, so that 10 ~ 15 KM we may get extra to travel :heart_eyes:


This feature required for ladies dropping there children to school local purchasing don’t depending husband arrival. Safety features so husband’s don’t worry driving.

Same features implemented in Ather sales will zoom and don’t required school bus. Every parent paying 40K to 50K bus fee per year.

Think in nuclear family possession.

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RIP high speed cornering ?

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I think this feature kicks in only at slow speeds. So it shouldn’t affect high speed cornering.

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It solves problem for people with disabled leg and people with short height.


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