What’s happening in EV? 7 July 2020

What’s happening in EV? 7 July 2020

Tesla dominates 2020 American-Made Index – the new American automaker

Cars.com has an annual American-Made Index(AMI), which they describe as “an independent annual list that ranks the new vehicles that contribute most to the U.S. economy based on criteria ranging from U.S. factory jobs and manufacturing plants to parts sourcing.”

Electrify America completes its first EV fast-charging cross-country route

The long-term plan for the EV community is ubiquitous, go-anywhere charging from coast to coast. Cross-country routes have been available for Tesla drives via the Supercharger network since about 2014. It’s now possible for other EV drivers – as Electrify America today announced that its open charging network features the first of two planned fast-charge, cross-country paths.

Waymo and Volvo team up for all-electric robot-taxis and possible Level-4 Polestar EVs

Waymo and Volvo this week announced an exclusive partnership to build a new self-driving electric vehicle for use in a ride-hailing service. Few details were provided other than the goal of working together to develop a Level 4 vehicle capable of autonomy in a wide range of locations and road conditions.

India’s $18,000 Tata Nexon EV points to global EV affordability

India only sells about 2,000 electric vehicles a year – in a market of 4 million sales per year. The introduction of the Tata Nexon EV is arguably the country’s best attempt so far to make electric cars accessible to Indian buyers. What does it teach the US market about making EVs go mainstream?

Tesla Model 3 police cars pay for themselves faster than expected, says police chief

A police chief who pushed to electrify his department’s patrol cars with Tesla Model 3 vehicles now says that the EVs might pay for themselves in less than two years.

Hyundai launches first electric minibus with 128kWh battery pack

Hyundai is launching its first electric “minibus” equipped with a 128kWh battery pack for economical short trips.

Watch a Tesla Model 3 being charged by a Honda E electric car

The Honda E electric car is equipped with a powerful inverter, and a Tesla Model 3 owner decided to demonstrate that by charging his electric car with the Honda E.

VW starts converting another factory for electric car production

VW has started converting another of its factories from gasoline and diesel vehicle production to electric vehicle production.

Bounce Unveils In-House Built EV

The ride-share company is offering the N3110 for sale across the country, with lease and retail options also available. As for technical specifications, the EV boasts a range of 60 km per-charge, with dock-less capabilities and the option to swap-out batteries. Bounce co-founder, has stated that the infrastructure required for efficient and convenient battery-swapping is already in place.

Your Tesla May Unintentionally Stop at Burger King: Get A Free Whopper

According to Burger King, all you have to do is pull up with your smart car (not the smart brand, but rather an ‘intelligent’ car that drives itself) and share a video or image with the hashtags #autopilotwhopper and #freewhopper. Burger King will then send you a code for a free Whopper that you can order on the company’s BK App.

CATL Announces New Battery R&D Laboratory

CATL, the largest Chinese lithium-ion battery manufacturer, breaks ground on a new lithium-ion battery laboratory - the 21C Lab, at its headquarters in Ningde, east China’s Fujian Province.

FICCI Urges Govt to Extend FAME-II Scheme Till 2025 to Boost Electric Vehicle Demand

Industry body FICCI has recommended various measures, including the continuation of the FAME -II scheme till 2025, to enhance demand for electric vehicles. The recommendations, submitted by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry’s EV committee to the government, seek immediate support from policymakers to enhance attractiveness for these vehicles in the short term and to encourage continued investments in the sector, a release said. These suggestions have been submitted to NITI Aayog.

Hyundai, Kia, and LG Chem Launch Global Competition for Start-Ups for EV and Battery Technology

With demand for electric vehicles (EV) growing, Hyundai Motor Company, Kia Motors Corporation, and LG Chem are jointly sponsoring the “EV & Battery Challenge” (EVBC), a global competition to identify up to 10 EV and battery start-ups for potential investment and collaboration. New Energy Nexus, the international start-up support organization, will manage and facilitate the competition.

Kerala Govt Buys 65 Tata Nexon EVs, becomes 1st State to Use Electric SUVs for Enforcement Drives

The Kerala Motor Vehicle department has decided to buy 65 Tata Nexon electric SUVs. The orders for the vehicles have been placed and department plans to use them for enforcement drives.