What’s happening in EV? 12 May 2020

Lucid unveils its fleet of ‘beta’ Air prototype electric cars

Lucid unveils its fleet of ‘beta’ Air prototype electric cars as it still prepares for the launch of the production version, despite potential delays amid the pandemic.

In April, Lucid aimed to unveil the production version of the Lucid Air at the New York Auto show, but it was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Tesla Wants to Make Its Own Batteries

According to the Chinese media (via Moneyball), CATL CEO Zhou Jia said that Tesla intends to produce its own batteries (no surprise here as they acquired Maxwell for a reason), but “their technical roadmap will not have an impact on us.” We are not sure whether it’s because Tesla making its own batteries is far into the future or initially small scale, or something else.

Tesla Model X with extreme mileage racked up $29,000 in repair/maintenance

With over 400,000 miles (650,000 km), It’s one of the highest-mileage electric vehicles in the world and serves as a great case study for the longevity of electric cars, in general, and Tesla vehicles in particular.

Kinetic Introduces Range of Fogging and Spraying Electric Vehicles in India

To curb the spread of the Coronavirus, Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions Limited has launched a range of Green solutions that disinfect the indoor and outdoor areas.

Coronavirus Lockdown Changing Mindset Towards Electric Vehicles, Demand to Rise: Hero Electric CEO

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit the global economy hard and analysts are saying that the slowdown due to the impact of COVID-19 will be worse than that of the 2008 financial crisis. The automobile industry, too, is struggling and is working towards reshaping their timelines and investments and trying to understand the impact that this pandemic will have on the industry as a whole.

Tesla restarts Fremont factory despite conflict with authorities [update: Musk openly defies order]

Last week, following an announcement from California Governor Gavin Newsom about starting the process to reopen the state, Tesla started telling employees that they are reopening Fremont factory, and that some of them would be expect to return to work as soon as Friday.

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