What made you consider an Electric Vehicle?

The last few weeks have been filled with news about EVs, whether that’s Tesla starting deliveries of the Model S Plaid, to FAME subsidy being increased. We all have a reason to switch to an EV, what’s yours?

What’s your side of the story for considering EVs?
  • Freedom from fuel cost :fuelpump:
  • Subsidies from the Government :moneybag:
  • To reduce my carbon footprint :deciduous_tree:
  • EVs are the future :robot:
  • It sounds cooler :zap:

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Happy to see so many folks are concerned about their carbon footprint🙂

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None of the above. EV’s offer societal benefits for India and your city. That my main reason for using EV’s over past 10+ years.

Initially, apart from fuel cost, I did have other problems my 3-year-old ICE scooter was having a ton of problems(due to my rough riding style), from Activa I was considering going for Ntorq and visited a dealer this was way back before even Tarun shown the pre model in 2013 I think read that in Team-BHP, I was so amazed that I wanted to do a prebook. but did not find much on the Internet. Tarun also joined the Forum and was enthusiastically explaining the 450

Then in the same forum, there was a huge discussion about how this scooter had got its investors and will start production I was like maybe it will get here in Chennai sooner than I thought, but they started booking only in Bangalore.

Meanwhile, my Activa gave me so much trouble, from compression failure to gearbox leaking oil into rear drum brakes causing brake slip, I was soo done with activa and was in immediate need of a new scooter. but in 2016 I think 3 years later Ather started delivering the scooter so I thought I will get it in a year or so,

But they gave a nod only that scooter will be available in Bangalore and Chennai will receive notification if they launch man I just went to TVS showroom to book it and was in line to pay the advance and something caught my eye, a person who had also booked his Ntorq was not happy with the scooter, and then it clicked my mind to repair my old Activa and wait for this one, rather then buying the ICE scooter and go through all the troubles again so in later that year I spent 15k in repairing the scooter just in parts front mudguard, front handle, handle column, fork bearing, brakes, carburettor, clutch shoes, rear brake oil seals and the no labour since I became the grease monkey myself in all these years of owning it. :slightly_frowning_face:

Then came the mail that they are launching the scooter and have kept a reception for all those who showed interest in the scooter, I test drove it, and man there was nothing like it, I prebooked it the same day 6 months later in Dec '19 I finally got my hands on it,




Beautiful journey. I waited for more than a year too. But completely worth it (besides a few software niggles :stuck_out_tongue:)

I have been following Tesla since 7-8 years. They got me really excited about EVs & I later wanted to own one. Looked at the existing cars but they didn’t seem to be worth for all that money. Was excited about Nexon EV. But was utterly disappointed with the specs. Only Ather had me excited in terms of EVs in India. Chetak was another but I knew from the start that they weren’t so serious about production.

Waited for more than a year for Ather & it was completely worth it. :heart::heart: (Now , please get me smart charging & better google maps… :stuck_out_tongue:)

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Tata Nexon EV isn’t great on specs???

I thought it’s perfect for Indian consumers you cannot compare it to a Tesla, it’s the first out of Tata’s line of production EV, while Tesla’s had only fun in their initial market launching a toy car ‘roadster’ and they learnt their mistake, people don’t want toys they want an actual daily drivable car which takes people places.

Nexon is a great daily drivable car with 10sec 0-100, pmsm motor, liquid-cooled, CCs2 charger which you can find nowadays everywhere, over 300 range but sure it will give at least 200-250, and the absolute best 8 years warranty. If we consider in the next 2 years tesla will launch in India their prices will be through the roof since they will import it as CBU the import duties are over 100% which will double the cost for Indian consumers

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I spoke to a guy in Khandala. We were both charging. I was charging my ather and he was charging his Nexon. He was really disappointed and annoyed with his overall experience. He had 3 passengers with him & he got ~180 kms range. Range is the only frustrating thing about it when you want to travel a lill longer for leisure drives or vacation. I have also said this. “I don’t need 2 cars. 1 ICE for longer range vacation drives & 1 EV for driving within the cities.” I need just 1 car that replaces my gas guzzler for every kind of drives. 400 kms is must. I wont ever drive 400 kms in one go but longer range means shorter charging stop. That poor guy had to stop for 2.5 hrs before he could feel confident to stop in Vashi for fast charging. AND, in my drive from Bombay to Pune, I have encountered a few pathetically slow Nexon drivers. I overtook them on my Ather. They must have been driving at 30 kms/hr Tata should introduce a longer range EV (64 kWh battery). Peace :v:

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I think where you are located makes a difference. For example, the Bangalore - Salem - Coimbatore -Kochi stretch is dotted with FCs thanks to Zeon. But I’d be worried about the Bangalore-Hyderabad stretch as I haven’t seen this infra on the highway that side.


Yes one at Kurnool should do the job and for chennai to Hyderabad we need one at Ongole.