What is your name, Ather?

White Lily, Peace Rover, Nimbus 450, Light Fury, … What is your name, Ather? And what is the story behind it?

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Story behind: Peace Rover :peace_symbol:

Peace as everyone knows! 450 being electric scooter, no air pollution, no noise pollution (Except Wheee and horn),


White painted body symbolising Peace, New Beginnings, Purity, and Positivity,

Green accent colour symbolising Nature, Life, Renewal, and Energy.

Rover is a Person or a Machine who/which goes places that aren’t explored and they tend to keep on wandering.

450, it takes me to places and doesn’t stop me from Wandering and she flies like a white pigeon with full freedom✌️


White Lily

The front Floating panels resembling the petals of a flower…a beautiful rear shaped like a bid waiting to open up to the warm rays of the sun…minimal green representing the sepals of a flower, I just named her, “WHITE LILY”.


Nice concepts! Can’t wait till I get my Ather. Or at least till the collectors edition colours is revealed.

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I have named it “Buggy”. The one that comes in pubg game.


I want to name my flight Toothless, but I don’t have a flight. :sob:

Do not worry brother. The wait will be worth it if you have ordered one.