What is the new Optimised Charging?

Someone from Ather needs to explain how exactly this new Optimised charging works? Earlier it used to stop at 50% and start again after midnight. Now it charge till 80% and stop.

How exactly does it work? What is the stopping %? Are there any other parameters affecting charge time? In any way does it limits charging speed?


Now after facing 2 different issues with Optimised charging, even I don’t how this Optimised charging works and maybe the Ather cc team doesn’t even know how it works.



Optimised charging 1.0 → 80% cut off that’s it…

But ig Optimised charging 2.0 is half cooked feature… Sometimes the charging gets stuck at 50% or sometimes it just charge at regular speed (just now my Ather got charged to 100% at 11:44 PM with OC 2.0 on :slightly_smiling_face:)

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Many users raised queries because they couldn’t use OC 2.0, possibly due to night shift or other reasons. However, you guys didn’t even bother to provide an option to choose between OC 1.0 and OC 2.0.

I don’t particularly care about it much but ab iss smart scooter mein bas maps aur charging hi smart hai :grin: aur smart charging feature hi ache se kaam nahi karega to aisa kaise chalega :slightly_smiling_face:

So it has cutoff at 50% and 80%.

It will charge till cut-off before 1am. Whenever the cut-off reaches it will stop charging. Then it resumes charging after 1am and trickle charges batter till 5am.


I recommend don’t use it wait for next update

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Hey Shubham,

You can learn more about Optimised Charging 2.0 here, in our FAAQ video.


Are you aware of parameters to decide when it will cut off @ 50 and when @ 80?

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Thank You Smridhi.