What is the function of RCCB, MCB, etc? Isn't the old wired fuse good enough?

Most modern house builders no longer use these Ceramic Fuses, instead, they are using MCBs, Isolators and RCCBs at multiple stages. The fact that reputed companies like Schneider Electric or ABB don’t make Ceramic Fuses anymore reiterates the fact that the Ceramic Fuses are obsolete and are no longer relevant in the modern-day. I will get them removed at my home sometime soon and upgrade the distribution box with additional stuff like RCCBs and DIN Rail Surge Suppressors.

When we connect ANY load that’s above 1 kW, these shady fuses with an increased resistance will function more like a Glow Plug and heat-up like crazy and slowly the superheated copper will vaporize, atmospheric oxygen will expedite this process.

Not just Ather Pod, any load above 1 kW will cause that. The substandard Fuses are culprits. We replaced the old Ceramic Fuse with a branded one (GM or GoldMedal, one among these) and asked the electrician to properly tighten the terminals. Never had any issues after that.

Sometimes if the removable fusible fuse wire is not properly tightened using the screws, it will also cause increased resistance. Some electricians just wind a wire across the terminals and just ‘Twist’ it using fingers, instead of using screws to tighten the fusible fuse wire.