What is the criteria for Series 1?

What is the criteria for getting series 1?


All those who pre-ordered the 450X before January 28 are eligible for Series 1.

To clarify… those who booked between the Ather 450x announcement and before Jan 28 2020 when the 450x was released officially, gets Series 1.

Adding my bit to it: As Ather wasn’t present in many cities when 450X was launched in Jan 2020, they set a timeframe for each city they come in where the customers who pre-order are eligible for a Series-1. So, for the cities they are coming in now, the customers will have 30-45 days in which if they pre-order, they will be considered for S1.

I don’t think this is an option. People who have ordered from these cities where Ather is not present now will get a chance to go for Series 1. Also there was a date of March 31st for Series 1.

Maybe, you are right. But, I have read somewhere here on the forum and found out that upon request, if available, they swap the order ID with the one who pre-ordered a S1 in Jan 2020, but, didn’t take the delivery.

Yeah that option exists. You have to place a new order and inform CS about getting S1 benefits on that order.

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