What is the advantages of Home POD/DOT? Can't I just live with Portable Charger?

The home charging points not only provide safety but also adds a lot of convenience to the user who does not need to unwrap and wrap the cable for every charge.

The home charging point adds more convenience and is safer to use in case of rains or if someone tries to steal electricity. Due to authentication with home charging Point, it will not let others draw electricity from your Point.

To summarize, advantages are

  1. Authenticated power transfer
  2. Water resistance
  3. Has inbuilt surge protection
  4. Reduces the number of steps required for charging each time.

With Point: Park -> Plug-In -> Charging -> Plug-out

With Cable: Park -> Open Boot -> Take out and unwrap cable -> Plug into wall -> Plug into Vehicle -> Charging -> Plug out from vehicle -> Plug out from wall -> Wrap cable up -> Store in boot

However of advantage of the portable charging cable is , it is universal and is not paired to a vehicle.

As for vandalism and mischievous damages, the same can happen to the vehicle too. It depends on the location where the installation happens.

In case a user is worried about that at their location, they can always opt for the charging cable and wall socket installation instead.

Both methods of charging have their own pros and cons, hence it is up to the user to decide what they want to go with. :slight_smile: