What happens to Dot if I shift my location?


I’m currently thinking about buying Ather. Does anyone know what happens to the Ather Dot installed at home when you shift home? I will shift closer to office after a few months but then will Ather reinstall the Dot at my new place and if so is it chargeable? Maybe its better if I wait till the whole shifting process is complete (Which can take sometime…Nov-Dec maybe)

You can request for Ather to uninstall and relocate your Dot. But it’s easy enough that you’d be able to do it without much effort. Or you can opt for the portable charger which lets you avoid the installation worries.

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How much will it cost? Also,how to transport it “safely”? Even I may have to consider this after a few months. Of course it’s only applicable if Ather comes to my city soon :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I think about 2k including 5m of cabling. Exact price might vary from city to city.

The Dot comes in a nice box that can be used for transporting

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I’ve seen people just through it in the under seat storage space. And it’s just fine 🤷

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When is the portable charger going to be available? While paying for the order it said its not available right now. Any tentative date?