Welcoming moderators for Ahmedabad and Kochi!

Hey folks!

As we expand to many more cities this year, we’re bringing onboard 2 more of our most active and enthusiastic members of the community to help us in building and shaping the Ather community over the next year. @harrsheel representing Ahmedabad and @acorreya representing Kochi will be joining our moderator team today. They have been active and contributing to the Ather forum for a while now, and we’re excited to be working with them in addition to the existing @moderators team to build the Ather community in a lot more cities!

Feel free to reach out to them should you need help navigating the forum, have great ideas for community rides/meetups or even just to chat!


Thank you Abhishek and all at Ather! Happy to help the community. :heart:


Congratulations @acorreya and @harrsheel !!

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is there any hope for me :sweat_smile:, BTW congrats @acorreya and @harrsheel


Really glad to be part of such vibrant community. Thank you Abhishek!


Congratz both. Well deserved for being active on forums. :slight_smile:

haha… Other than being active contributor, we need to be neutral… thats one of the unofficial criteria…

I can understand and no complaints :smiley: