Welcome to New Indian Standard Connector

Well Congrats to Ather, Their connector will now be a Standard connector for LEV(Light Electric Vehicles) Which includes 2 Wheelers and 3 wheelers, The government just has passed the BIS certifications.

More on this. https://twitter.com/TNTimesDrive/status/1714595242740228468?t=bS7CeqEbZfdT_YCNE4IxQQ&s=19


It probably helped that the protocol was Made in India and open sourced by Ather.

Either way, it’s recognition for the product teams at Ather!


A great news indeed, hope this will accelerate the charging points for LEVs and Ather has most to gain with the largest charging network with this connector and protocol.

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This is a great news, more charging stations will be opened by Third-party now as it is an open source technology. People can travel longer distance.


Big W :partying_face::zap::muscle:t3:


This is indeed good news.

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Good initiative

So that means in future Gola’s will take up grids as well.

And I will be able to use Gola Futuri chargers to do long drives. ( If they are in working conditions. )

There are both positive and negatives, other brands will start using Ather grids and they won’t develop their own infra, second Ather users have to wait in Queue to charge your Ather. Unless more third party player establish charging station.

Now standard is set we need to wait and watch.

The positive thing which I see is the home chargers availability will be in open market. Rather than buying from Brands at high price.


Yeah plus something like 2kw fast home charger( like @power_light2000 built) can be available in the market.

Ohh nice so it’s a possibility that I can charge my Ather other then Ather grid for cheaper???

If someone builds charging network

I have a few questions for the Team @abhishek.balaji @tarun @swapniljain

  • Now that the Government has standardised the Connector how will they force other manufacturers to include this design?
  • How will this affect Grid Usage, I mean in the current scenario the Grid is made specifically for Ather users and the space is meant for the same but with standardisation how will they be able to take full benefit of this connector and the grid?
  • If this is now an open design then why is your service center so keen on not selling the connector alone? I mean I have tried and failed multiple times
  • If someone uses your connector why is Ather not able to include the CAN communication? eg. Vida grids are there but AFAIK athers are not able to take benefit of those chargers, The same goes for Vida to Ather grids.
  • Can we expect OLA to follow this connector? (JUST MY CURIOSITY)

PS: Did you guys take it to your heart that even with your open-source design no manufacturer(except Vida) took benefit, so you guys went ahead and made it a standard? (this is also my curiosity)

Also something is wrong I’m not able to edit my previous comment, It keeps on showing “Error:403”

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One of my prediction is that the charging infra is their primary product, not the vehicle, will see how it goes.

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