Waiting Period for my order

I’ve ordered my Ather on 28th May 2022. I still haven’t received my call for payment! Additionally, would I receive the new version with long range or the one at time of my booking.

In case if I’ll be receiving the old one, how can I upgrade my booking to the new one? (Hopefully keeping the timelines intact lf waiting with minimal delay)


Even I have booked my scooter in May month on 12th but still no update.whenever i ask p.s he says there is more demand and factory is not running fully:( and I think you can switch your order when the facelift model releases.


So did they say they’re not able to process the orders soon? And what is the rough estimate they gave you for the payment or they didn’t do that too?!:confounded:

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depends on region as i heard Ather sends same amount of scooters to each state so if you are in mumbai or pune wait times can be 5-6 months where as in remote places its within a month.

people booked in late feb are now getting scooters.I myself have booked in april and given delivery time of mid september from mumbai

They gave 2 months and it’s crossed 2 months as of 12 th July still no update . Iam thinking of waiting for facelift model because they will fix all the bugs present in this model . I will update if my payment window opens :hugs:

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There aren’t really any bugs in the current model right now. The current model is the most stable Ather available as it is battle tested for a couple of years at this point.

If a new model comes it will have its own set of issues and bugs. So, your decision to wait shouldn’t be based on that.


I am myself waiting from March 18th the 120 days are up…

Bro it at least take 5 months from the date of booking, i myself waiting from 4 months and still no update.

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Seriously. Should I be expecting a written contract with Ather where they say you’ll receive a delivery in 3 months as they did say so clearly when I was booking. I’m in Pune region btw.

i had called pune in april first week they said 4-5 months so expect a diwali dhamaka

Hello All - My Order is open for payment, I have already received my Ather from another order.

In case anyone wants to buy this - Please reach out to me at 9008011220. Thanks.

Hi Which location is this?