Vigneshwar's initial impressions on 450x - Chennai

Hi All, I am Vignesh and I am from Chennai.

After waiting for a long time and in a dilemma on whether to buy 450x or not , I finally purchased it on Dec 2020 and took delivery on 18th Jan 2021.

The delivery experience was smooth and @tarun was present in Ather Space Chennai , but unfortunately not able to meet him on that day as he was busy on a call.

My initial impression on the 450x is very positive. The vehicle is Smooth AF even in very speedy conditions and on uneven roads as well. The pick up is outstanding and especially in warp mode if some one sits in the pillion seat and they do not hold something they can fall from the scooter :joy: , the pick up is that fast in warp mode.

I am able to achieve around 92kmph with a pillion in warp mode. I believe it goes even faster than that but it is not showing in the display.

I shall directly go with explaining the cons that i see as most of us know the vehicle is spectacular.

  • Suspension : Could have been little soft like TVS Jupiter , I think the stiffness is kept for stability.

  • Break Lever : The quality is top notch , but when riding for a long duration palm is paining a little bit as the lever is hard.

  • Software : When riding at more than 90kmph the software soft reboots itself.

  • Navigation : The onboard navigation by default search only in Bangalore location at first and then only checks in Chennai , i.e. if i check for a street in Chennai and in Bangalore also a similar street is there with same name it shows the Bangalore street only. In order to show the Chennai street i have to type Chennai. Also not all the locations are available in the onboard navigation and even in the map in the Ather app but the same location is available in the Google maps app.

  • Ather App : The App is taking some time to connect every time when i open i.e. it takes time to sync at least 6 seconds or even more.

Overall i liked the 450x so much and most of the issues are software only and can be fixed with the OTA.

Please let me know if any of guys face the same issue as mine.


I noticed few other issues…

  • Indicators : 9/10 Times the indicators are not switching off automatically and some times it switches off before I finish the turn.

  • Display brightness and colour : It would have been better if it has option to set schedule for light and dark mode like how android 10 and above has. Because during day time dark mode will not suitable irrespective of we keeping the highest brightness.

Also I know that it does not have ambient light sensor but I think they can develop an algorithm for automatic brightness adjustment based on time.

  • Indicator sound : I really hate the indicator sound in 450x , also the sound is very loud , as loud as a horn.

Please give an option to reduce the sound and change the indicator sound.

Will bring these in feature requests also

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Agree with this. When i test rode a couple months ago, people around me got a jump when i switched on indicator. was embarassed to use it at all. The 450 indicator sound is MUCH better.


Hey dude as u had mentioned in the other post of unlocked bootloader. I’m just curious how you knew that. I’m an android enthusiastic, so just asking out of curiosity.


I came to know from the telegram grp

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true !! it sounds like a fire alarm instead of a beeper :slight_smile: LoL . Come up with treble and bass controls fellas at Ather innovations