Vida Charger Bad Experience

Guys I Live in Wagholi there is no Fast charger currently available so have to visit kharadi or Viman Nagar Ather Charger for Fast charging during long rides. Recently news came that we can charge Ather at Vida chargers I visited nearest Vida Charger which was Mokha Hero Near Wagholi. I thought there would be plenty of space to park vehicle and in images there is place to sit but the condition of that Vida charger was worse literally no Space to park. My Ather was not able to reach the Vida Charger I have to move 2 to 3 vehicles then I would reached the charger this was really bad experience. I thought it would charge at the same speed as it looks big compare to Ather Charger but it was very slow for 20% almost it have taken 40 minutes very bad experience faced with Vida chargers what to do now guys where to report as it is not Runned by Ather where to report or Request.


Hello Mohan, Actually Vida Charger look Big because It has Two Ports.

Also Ather x Vida Collaboration not completely Reliable I think

Because Even In my Visit also it was Slow, Donno about Speed Etc

But Somehow We have an Option on Some Places :raised_hands:

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Kindly Help Him Please

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It doesn’t connect in Pune I went to a recent addition to the map but it wouldn’t accommodate the Ather plus the staff has literally no idea of the mou happening that makes it extremely arduous to explain.


Thats True Bro, I amde a Tweet regarding this Issue

Even When I went to Aluva with Ultraviolette

I was charging it in Aluva Ather Showroom

By the Time a Vida Guy Came but Ather EC Security didnt allow him

Then I explained and Then He let him in to Charge

Coimbatore, It worked Well

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Your Ather needs a wash bro :joy:

But on plus point it’s free to charge on Vida Chargers have to wait more but still we can manage that much.

Hehe Man, That Picture was Taken on a Rainy Week :face_in_clouds::face_exhaling:

Yeah But We have to Sacrifice Time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: