Usage Report Beta - 2

Report mentions just 01/20 but it includes December’s charging stats too which is weird.

The 01/20 written above and below is confusing. November’s report had the exact dates, which were clearer.

My suggestion: put a large DEC - JAN with exact dates below it.

Please include Least efficient ride as well. (Need to know if it was because I took my girlfriend as pillion or that day when I was late to work…just kidding :joy:)

I have no usage in Eco or Ride mode, but it’s given me values of 75 and 65 respectively.

Assuming it’s just defaulting to true range claims, would prefer some indication for no usage/no info here. Just keep the true range numbers in grey maybe?

Rider profile has Efficient, Balanced and Aggressive on the graph, but uses another word ‘Moderate’ while showing my pointer at Efficient.

Ideally use the same word on graph, ‘Efficient’ to make reading it easier & faster.

The charging units are not clear. I’ve been shown 28 charging units for December. But no number against Jan. So, either Jan is not included or there’s some error here.

I understand what private charging and public charging units on the graph are, but December is highlighted as grey and there’s no grey on the graph.

My suggestion: add a timeline to the graph too, maybe weekwise. Also, fix the colour coding for the months and reflect the same on the graph.

Badges: I like them. But would like more badges /achievements to show, that I can unlock.

My suggestion: Make simpler icons for the badges and show maybe 10 badges and achievements that I should unlock. And also, probably mention the month when I unlocked a certain achievement.


Show badges for categories of achievements like

Efficiency (wh/km) 25 - 30 - 35 unlocked

Grid Points 1-3-5 unlocked

Range ride (km) 75-85-95 unlocked

Also probably bonus badges like (ARAI range ride), Or charged at Furthest Grid point South, etc. This would make it more fun.

Compared to November’s report, the report is much cleaner and better looking now! I like how the Least Efficient ride is displayed. It’s easier to read now. The grey fonts need to just be made a darker shade, else it’s okay.


Thanks for the detailed feedback!

I can see why it’s confusing in your case. It shows the Dec '19 stats as a comparison to your Jan '20 charging stats. You seem to have the exact unit consumption in Dec and Jan.

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I agree, this is the same in the app too. I don’t know what can be a good solution to this, but whatever is the decision on this should be replicated in the app too.

Grey bar and small number is for previous number. Big number and purple bar is for current month.

charging sessions are shown only for the current month. adding charging sessions from previous month will confuse more as it will overlap mostly.

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Ah, I didn’t know. Like Abhishek said, it was confusing because it was the same number of units consumed in December too.

Yes, since I was confused with the charging units, I thought they were trying to include December in the graph but didn’t.

Either way, I’d prefer the graph having a kind of timeline on the charging session graph, so I know my charging pattern at a certain point in the month.

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Why is the info on charging sessions useful to you?

In short, just out of curiousity.

Recently, I’ve been trying to keep a charge practice of about 30-65ish. But I often forget to turn off the charger by 65 and it charges upto 85, 90.

I’m basically just trying to keep tabs on myself to see when I’ve charged the vehicle more than necessary or how my charging pattern has changed throughout the month.

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