Usage Report Beta - 2

Hey folks,

We’re ready to roll out the second closed usage reports beta. We’ve addressed a bunch of issues raised last time, along with a few improvements.

We’ll soon be rolling it out to all customers in the coming weeks, and you’ll see the usage report continuously improving with new features later in the year.

Here’s what’s changed:

  • We’ve made design changes to make the report more readable
  • Fixed a bunch of data related issues, and made the report more accurate

Check your inbox for your usage report for January 2020, and share your feedback.



my first proper report still colors are a miss Colours still need works This isn’t office presentation :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This month report is way better then the last month but still some datas are incorrect. In my case I travelled 1408 km but still 1k KM badge wasn’t unlocked. So still need perfection. Last month for some days ride statistics was not upto the mark but yet I don’t know how Ather can pull this up. Whatever it may be I am happy with the way Ather support me

Report looks awesome as it’s 1 pager. May be add a link to see complete ride history for the month area wise. Strongly agree with the observations given by Praveen Singh, a minor improvement is warranted


@abhishek.balaji the bar in the “private charging” graph should stay within a set area. It should never go to the “Athergrid charging” area. It should preferably not overlap the number too. The scale of the graph should be adjusted accordingly.

But @power_light2000 102units!! :flushed:


Almost 1800 km in 1 month

You give details of most efficient ride. Please also include longest ride stats or worst ride (you may rephrase it in the report). That’s where range anxiety starts and needs improvement both from rider and Ather. Range chart showing %age of charging can also show time taken within each data point.

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Mine is 850kms and 33 units. That’s why I was surprised. Of course you’ve admitted that you’re an aggressive rider, but neither am I a sedate rider. Anyway, I’m happy because you’re enjoying and riding the scooter the way should be (1608 in sports mode👍🏻).


I would not say i’m Aggressive :grin: i was looking for a sports scooter at first so i first went for Aprilla sr150, nah the throttle response was slower my modified activa ( carb and air filter upgraded) then came the Ntorq man i loved the look so booked a test ride here and i must say TVS killed it, it was responsive and the Tyre killed the rear looks but then came the Mail from Ather in June 2019 saying we’re here and booked on the launch after a lot of consideration, of no maintenance and high performance I’m aggressive because i like to be on time and Ather 450s is making it happen :grinning:


Reporting is fine. How do we know exactly the no. Of units consumed? Can this be included in dashboard? Second is while riding to destination, even though we are just 1 or 2kms away from home, the scooter switches to eco mode irrespective of the destination distance. It would be great if We can still manually choose modes as we know that you we would reach destination before battery runs out.

This has been answered before. Ather isn’t limiting you to ECO mode. The issue is that the battery cannot discharge enough to give you the power you need to run at “sport” mode.

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I’ve been thinking, and I would actually love to get the report through the official app, instead of via email. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to implement a PDF viewer on the app, and directly showcase the information in a tab on the app.

However, to make that feasible, the report text and all the components need to be bigger so as to read it easily without zooming into the PDF, as it’s a clunky experience to zoom into the PDF on mobile to actually read things.

If the user wishes, they can download the report PDF from the app, otherwise, only the previous month’s report is stored on the server, and is readily viewable.

Of course this also means that the PDF needs to be stored on the cloud, but only one PDF per user needs to be stored at any time, so the storage requirements would be in check.

I think thats the final goal. Because look at this page

I hope you’re on ather one.

I was in the pre book of chennai yes I’m on free ather one :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @OpenLabsBetaGroup, thanks for sharing your inputs!

We have noted the feedback regarding

  • Grey fonts
  • rider profile (Balanced/Aggressive)
  • Public charging issues
  • Private charging display issues

We would also love to hear more feedback from you folks.

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Note this one too

Oops, missed that, but it’s noted.

Hey, my report shows Zero kms. Can you please resend it?

I have recieved only the report of November 2019. Have not recieved any after that. Please help me with this.