Upper back pain

After riding ather450 for about a week , I am getting back ache on the upper back as anyone noticed .please let me know

Are you riding each day for the first time? Before the Ather 450 how were you commuting?

Earlier was commuting through fascino , no back issues, only with ather I am finding this issue.

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For my experience before I was using FZS now 450 there is no back pain … am driving happily

Yes it will be because of the rider seat position. It is like ramp and not flat. Some owners said that when hard braking they tend to move down forward a little. For a short spin like around 10 to 15kms ride else a 20mins ride its comfortable, beyond that only we feel the ache.

It’s the opposite for me. I used to drive an Activa and struggled with lower back pain. But with the 450, it’s a lot more comfortable during my 15km one way trip everyday.

PS: I did add additional foam in the rider area of the seat to avoid the slip ‘n’ slide effect, but this was after using the bike for more than 6months.


I’m 6’1, I didn’t have any two wheeler before my Ather 450. But whenever I rode my brother’s splendor, even for short distances I used to get back pain. After I started to ride Ather, I haven’t felt back pain till now.

Some tips I would suggest is: Make sure you keep your upper body upright while riding (Don’t bend too much). If you are not wearing tighter jeans then try to position your legs on all the way backwards till the pillion footrest, but maintain upright posture. (If you try to do this in jeans then you’ll feel pain near your knee joint during longer rides).