Update on Ather Connect Pro and Ather Grid

Hey folks!

Ather Connect Pro will be free till the 30th of June 2023! Not only that, free charging at Ather Grids has been extended until further notice. :zap:


Great, More fights at the grids until further notice.


Slightly less fight due to charging stopping at 80%. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ather now has the largest network of chargers, what are they shy off to charge the grid user. Its not like they don’t have a charger at home. They are dumping too much money in grid electricity don’t they want to now Stabilize?


I think they will keep grid charging free to boost sales. Probably for this entire year.


i feel they’re probably extending it because they don’t have the payment system and stuff sorted.

or maybe they’re waiting for the other scooter features such as cruise control to get finalised and then everything will be announced at once.

or maybe cooking up a deal with Hero to allow use of Vida chargers by Ather and vice versa.

someone from the team please reveal! ^_^


Great news!Even though some folks here will not be happy with this (valid reasons as well), personally I am happy and I am sure majority of the customers not on the forums will be happy as well. Thank you for extending the free period.


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Every company has own strategy. Remember Jio, they gave free internet for long time.


I wish I at least could get a glance how this grid works on my scooter anyway :hugs:


What’s stopping you from trying a grid charger ?

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There is no grid installed in the state where I presently reside. That’s why. Just for the sake of charging from a grid, I have to ride down to another state, that is not a comfortable ride unless otherwise it is for servicing the scooter

Aah ok. Wish your state gets done Ather grid points soon. If you know someone with space and 3KW connection, they can approach Ather and apply for grid installation.

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How to get Ather grid at home


Ather grid is not meant for home. If you have 3KW of power connection and space , you can apply and Ather folks do assessment.

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Not a 3kw it needs 5kw connection as I am an Ather user and along with that Ather Grid owner


Thanks for clarifying. I have been reading it as 3 KW in this forum.

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