Unreliability of ather grid

During recent times the Ather grid has become very unreliable. Most of the times a lot of grid points are under maintenance, including the new vida ones, which i haven’t seen to be operable since the interoperability announcement. Recently i was running low on charge, around 5% when i reached a grid point. Upon inserting the gun, the screen would not go past initializing. After trying a couple more times i noticed that one of the terminals of the gun was damaged and hence wasnt able to charge my ride Imagine, being stranded at 5% Luckily there was just one grid point nearby, within a 2 km range and hence i reached there and charged my vehicle I crossed 3 grid points that were under maintenance The point is that please make sure to keep as many grid points running as possible, so that we can maintain a reliance on it


Also its no more free stuff so Ather now owes a lot on these grid points its a straight revenue loss for them.

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Yes even in my place there were 6 points in October, now there are only 3 points working

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Please mention the locations, city & state so we can move it the appropriate category.

On a side note, if you notice grids are active on the app but not working at the location, please submit a service request via the app for the same.

The location is pune maharashtra